Daniel Kokubun Prayer Letter:  The Work ContinuesSummer has come to an end, and the kids are back in their schools. We pray daily for the Lord’s protection on their lives and look to love them every chance we get to see them during the week!

Our Bible study continues to grow, and so do our members. Last week we had 27 people fill the living room of Franklin’s home, and 4 men had to stand or sit on the floor and stairs because we ran out of chairs. This is definitely a good problem to have, as you can imagine. I love the opportunity to influence families every Tuesday night.

We took our teens to the church plant in Surco several weeks ago to do a teen service there for their kids. It’s exciting to see the new building the Lord has blessed them with there. They are full-speed-ahead in construction work and making it into a beautiful church. Last week in teen church, the Lord gave us 33 in attendance. God sure has built this group of young people and continues to give them a desire to do right and seek His heart. Please continue to pray for them, as they are very involved in their studies right now, and many distractions lie in their paths.

My wife and I were invited to visit a small city where several of the families of our Bible study are originally from. We enjoyed several days in this fishermen’s town, with a beautiful beach and natural salt mines. My wife got quite a kick out of getting to “pick” our own salt and bring it home! While on our trip, my wife was able to lead a young teenage girl to Christ. Meanwhile, I was also blessed with a conversation with a lady from her window. She was not quite ready to receive Christ, but please pray for the seeds planted.

Speaking of soul winning, due to the change in school schedules, we have changed our teen soul-winning times to Saturday afternoons. It’s exciting to see several of our new teenagers winning their first souls to Christ! In the past three weeks, we’ve seen 32 people receive Christ as their Saviour! Praise Jesus!

At the end of our last letter, we were just about to start seminary. Thank you for praying for us! Our first week of seminary went great! We invited Bro. Jeremy Snipes to come and preach two classes: the Book of Acts and Personal Evangelism. We received so many positive comments on the teaching during that week. The Lord greatly used that time and will continue to do so through the videos we were able to make. Each Saturday afternoon Pastor Dan Hubbard and I are continuing to teach seminary classes. We have a faithful team of video men who are recording sessions. Our hope is to eventually be able to make these videos available to pastors across the country. Please continue to pray for our seminary. Pray that God would work in the hearts of our people, draw them near to Him, and give them hearts to serve Him.

In His service,

Daniel and Heather Kokubun

PS. As many of you are aware, the Lord took Daniel home on May 5, 2015. I want to express my utmost gratitude for all of the love, prayers, and support. I feel like it would be impossible to write each and every one of you a personal thank you note, but please know from the bottom of my heart that I am extremely grateful.

The Lord has been incredibly good to me. My preacher, Dan Hubbard, and Team Peru have been the greatest support group a girl could ask for. During May I went home to attend my husband’s memorial service and spend several weeks with family. Last week I returned to Peru, and I look forward to carrying on the work we started almost three years ago. I count it an honor to be able to continue serving the Lord here in Peru. I do appreciate your continued prayers as I learn how to walk this new road in life. The Lord is faithful, and I have found Him to be everything He has promised to be and so much more.

Any questions concerning my decision to stay in Peru may be directed to either me or to my pastor and team leader, Dan Hubbard. His email address is hubbard.teamperu@gmail.com.