Dan Siemer Prayer Letter:  “True Victory” Trip to BrazilThank you all for praying for the “True Victory” trip to Brazil! By God’s grace, 51,213 copies of Romans in Portuguese with the Gospel message in 14 languages were distributed to people of at least 26 nationalities. Meanwhile, our group served in three churches. So much could have gone wrong, but . . .

• The Lord provided Missionary Ed Johnson to wisely coordinate our 12-member group, the 4-member one of Missionary Allen Johnson, and 7 other great “hosting” missionary families.
• He provided the right people, sufficient funds, reasonable tickets, passports, and visas.
• All flights were on schedule; so there were no missed connections, and luggage arrived intact.
• There were no problems with Customs or Immigration and any accidents or injuries.
• God preserved everyone’s spirit and testimony in times of fatigue and testing.

Also by God’s grace, we know of over 30 who were saved through preaching or in the services. Preaching at one church Sunday morning, an adult lady was saved. Preaching that evening in Bro. Vallejo’s church, 13 adults and teens trusted Christ as their Saviour. The Lord provided the right messages each time. For example, in a third church in a very rough favela neighborhood on Wednesday, what I taught on Christian service was just what the pastor and his assistant had discussed needing the week before. Lana spoke to the ladies in Bro. Juan Vallejo’s church, and it was very helpful to them.

It’s a joy to see what God did in the hearts of our team members. Bro. Ed Johnson opened their eyes to the great need for missionaries and workers, with over 10 Brazilian cities in excess of a million souls that don’t have a strong, soul-winning Baptist church. The team members saw firsthand how God uses missionaries to make such a difference in their respective areas and how vital is the financial and prayer support. Finally, our group got to see where the Brazil Missions Team will begin working in Taubaté, a city in the Paraiba Valley between the megacities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

By the time we left, 224 people from 18 Brazilian states and 9 foreign countries had already visited the True Victory website where more Gospel and discipleship information was to be found, along with direction to Gospel-preaching churches in their areas.

The rest of June and July have been more than busy with our annual Candidate School, the FBMI Leadership Meeting, and the church’s Youth Conference. Whew! We’re working now to catch up with administrative jobs before the busy fall schedule begins toward the end of August.

Please continue to pray for wisdom and grace! We cannot express what your faithful support means to us. If we can be of any service whatsoever or if you’d like for me to report to your church in person, please don’t hesitate to call. We need your prayers as we finalize the schedule and prayerfully prepare for my October trip to the Western states.

Jesus is coming soon, and only what is done for Him will last.

That all might hear, everywhere,

Dan and Lana Siemer