Dan Siemer Prayer Letter: Continued Provision of Wisdom and DirectionCheery Thanksgiving season greetings to one and all. Each year at this time, we’re reminded how greatly God has blessed us with faithful, exemplary supporting churches like yours. Thank you once again!

We’re thankful for what God’s done for us as a family. My back has healed, and I’m continuing to take medications to strengthen the bones. Were it not for the fall and fracture, I wouldn’t have known they were needed. The Lord is also providing, month by month, for unexpected large expenses.

In the ministry, the Lord granted journey mercies for my 5,656-mile-long trip to serve five churches in Arizona, California, and Ohio for their missions conferences. Before leaving, God used a sermon to capture my attention to pray earnestly for the meetings. God answered, and we saw unique blessings in every one. Souls were saved, young people surrendered to serve God with their lives, and Faith Promise giving increased. The spirit of the meetings was better than ever.

One blessing took place in Ohio. Out soul winning, knocking doors on a Saturday, we visited a family. The children had ridden the bus for two years, but the parents hadn’t yet attended. God used our family’s experience with autism to speak to the needs of this family. They all were in church the next day!

He’s continued to provide wisdom and direction as we’ve served missionaries with their varied medical, family, and ministry needs. Even specialist physicians are puzzled with some of these cases, so we obviously need the Lord’s continued guidance.

He’s also granted direction for some vital projects.

1. Curriculum development for Candidate School. How can we best prepare missionaries for the challenges of deputation and the transition to the field that follows?
2. More effective, coordinated medical care for the unique needs of missionaries. The Lord opened the door to meet with a leading specialist in the field of travel and tropical medicine in North Carolina in order to discuss some possible solutions. The follow-up work continues.
3. Preparing to teach in the upcoming semester, both the medical class at Hyles-Anderson College and a missions class in the Spanish church’s Bible institute.
4. Upgrading FBMI procedures to better serve the missionaries and their supporting churches.

He’s answered your prayers and ours. We know that we lack what is necessary for God’s work to be done, yet He steps in over and over again to accomplish His will as we work and pray by faith . . .

1. For His direction. We pray constantly for the Lord to keep us in the center of His will. This especially has to do with regard to our travel overseas. Where, when, and for how long?
2. For His power for fruitful soul winning, for effective teaching, and for building believers.
3. For His provision for our health and for personal and ministry needs.

That all might hear, everywhere,

Dan and Lana Siemer