Courtney Godsoe Prayer Letter:  Boundless OpportunitiesThank the Lord for another exciting two months in His white harvest field! Praise Him for allowing us to see 2,547 precious souls receive Jesus Christ as Saviour!

The opportunities are boundless here. A foreman of a large construction company asked for us to hold a weekly Bible study with his crew of about 40 people and also to hold weekly Bible studies in his home. We go to the city jail and hold services twice a week (once for the lady inmates and once for the men inmates). Our staff and lay workers go to a large high school each Friday and teach the Bible from classroom to classroom from early morning until evening. (The school is in two shifts.) One of their teachers recently requested that I come to her home and pray with her family for encouragement, as her brother has Stage 4 cancer. I spent a couple of hours with them, shared the Gospel with them, and encouraged them from God’s Word. They are asking that I come back again next week. One thing besides the joy of being used of God is that when someone invites you into their home, they almost always have plenty of tasty snacks. If “. . . the soul of the diligent shall be made fat,” who wants to be skinny?!

What a great business to be in—a business where we have God’s promise of success; in that, His Word will not return void and where the demand is much greater than the supply!

Thank you for your prayers for our two-week missions trip to Vietnam. It was a wonderful time, as Ester and I went with four of our staff to visit two of our missionaries. I preached several times in the churches and their outreaches. Our staff also taught music, including a one-week music workshop. I’m thrilled that God is continuing to open the door for the Gospel in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Our staff had saved their own money for their expenses, but a friend of mine from the States gave them each $200, which covered their plane tickets and gave them spending money besides. I was so happy for them. They were willing to sacrifice, and God gave them a bountiful blessing in return.

We thank the Lord for progress on our building permit. A big step was getting the property rezoned from residential to institutional. We got it rezoned with the city and then found out that it also has to go through a significant rezoning process with the city assessor. They told us to come back on July 23. Hopefully, that will complete the rezoning. Please pray for the whole process of getting a building permit.

Thank you all for sacrificing to give us the opportunity to work in this tremendous white harvest field. We are so grateful!

Yours for souls,

Courtney & Ester Godsoe