Corey McDonald Prayer Letter:  Seasons


The seasons in Kenya are wet and dry, like many countries in tropical regions. In reality, most of the time the weather is dry, which makes the rainy season a time of rejoicing and welcoming the fresh beginning. The timeframe of April, May, and the start of June is considered the “long rain.” From June all the way to October, there is little to no rain. The “short rains” begin in November, lasting for only a couple of weeks.

Deputation reminds me of the seasons in Kenya. Often we start out the year with a great rain of churches partnering with us, followed by a dry season. During this dry season, we have many meetings, some very promising, but don’t see our support level increase. Fall comes, and we see the rain begin again. Our support starts to inch up, and then the dry holiday season approaches. This month we gained three supporting churches!

Going through these ups and downs can be trying, yet God seems to remind us that He is in control and that it is all about Him. What a blessing it is to serve the living God Who controls everything. He knows whom He wants to partner with us; our job is just to serve Him where He directs.

He has given us so many ways to serve Him these last few months. We were blessed to help with inviting children to Bible Club in Massachusetts. Here Elizabeth gave the Gospel in Spanish to a lady and helped give her assurance of her salvation. We were very excited to hear that she attended church the following week!

I always enjoy going soul winning as a family. It is interesting to see how God uses each of us to be a witness. I was with Annabelle a short time ago, and we were able to witness to a college-aged young lady. I could see in her face that she was blown away by what I was showing her from the Bible—she had never heard the Gospel before. This young lady didn’t call on Christ that day but did indicate that she believed and understood everything that she heard. May God settle in her heart her need for salvation; pray that she will call upon Christ to save her.

We often help with preparations for big days or Vacation Bible Schools that we never attend. While in Maine we were blessed beyond measure not only to help BUT also attend Vacation Bible School at Grace Baptist Church. We are so thankful to be partners in ministry with this great church.

I have had several opportunities to preach in Junior Church and teach children’s Sunday school. What a blessing this is to encourage the next generation to live for God and choose right.

The inevitable happened to us a few weeks ago. When you drive as much as we do, you are bound to get into an accident eventually. On Sunday afternoon, a truck in front of us went into the center turn lane to turn left. Suddenly he changed his mind, turned right, and cut right in front of us. As much as I tried to stop, I couldn’t. We praise the Lord that everyone was okay, and we praise Him that View Point Baptist Church helped us get back on the road.

Prayer Needs

• Answers for Elizabeth’s health issues
• Minor fixes to the van from the accident
• Schooling for the children
• Kenyan reelection to go smoothly with no rioting
• God to get glory from our lives

Fellow servant for Christ,

Corey McDonald