Christopher Yetzer Prayer Letter:  Attendance Doubled in 2013 Grace to Our Brothers and Sisters Through Christ,

Former: Things have been going great for us here in Italy. A young man and his girlfriend, whom I met at the bookstore where I volunteer, have been coming to our church since September. They, along with her mother and brother, have been extremely faithful. They have also brought several visitors with them, and now we have a few more Italians to add to the mix. There are generally more Italians represented than any other one country. A lady whom they invited has been coming consistently with them for the last several months. She has an Assembly of God background but is very happy with the teaching and preaching she has received in our church. The young man goes out soul winning with me. He is learning the zeal for reaching others with the Gospel. He desires to be used of God in some way with church ministry. By the end of 2013, we were averaging just over double the attendance we started the year off with. We praise the Lord for the bit of growth and pray that it continues. It seems that two families in particular could use a small bus to help them with the number of people they bring.

In Gallarate, where we are preparing for the new church to start this year, we were out ringing doorbells when we found a Nigerian man and his girlfriend who are interested in being a part of the new church there. The man has been coming to our services faithfully with the Stoica family, and his girlfriend comes frequently as well. Bro. Stoica has also met an Italian family who has shown interest, but we have not been able to meet to discuss more details with them. Please pray as God builds His church in Gallarate, Italy.

Fruit: Recently we had four men from our church out soul winning on one Saturday. We spoke to many people personally and handed out a lot of tracts. We saw one man from Albania trust Christ. He was sitting on a bench in a city park, and as it sprinkled, he sat in the rain to listen to the Gospel. We praise the Lord that even with our mix of languages, he understood us and called upon the name of the Lord.

That same day we met an Egyptian Orthodox man. He had an Arabic New Testament that was given to him from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. He had gone through and made notations of all the wrong things they had done to the Word of God. He shared some of his physical and spiritual problems with us and then came to church the next day.

Future: We are looking forward to our Anniversary Service in February. We have a busy spring coming up and a lot to do. Pray that all we do would be affective. I have challenged the people in our church to each one individually help a soul come to Christ this year. We are going through a program now teaching them soul winning in several different atmospheres. As we make contacts, we will match them up with someone who is comfortable and desirous to witness for Jesus. Please pray for this and all our endeavors this year.

Missionaries to the people of Italy,

Christopher, Amy, William, & Ann Marie Yetzer