Christopher Sage Prayer Letter:  Great Opportunities!It has been a wonderful couple of months here in Mexico. The Lord has been doing some wonderful things here!

Pastor Murillo left for five weeks to take care of some necessary business in the United States, and he gave me the privilege and opportunity of preaching in his absence during our midweek service, our Friday chapel in the Christian school, and our Saturday morning bus meeting. It helps me a lot to have opportunities to preach. I enjoy very much the preparation and delivery of a message. It seemed like the Lord was in the messages. We had good attendances for the midweek services. In one of the messages, I challenged our people about church planting, and one young married man raised his hand at the invitation to indicate that the Lord may be calling him to be a pastor.

The Lord also gave a wonderful opportunity in January to go to visit the largest Bible college in Mexico. It is a part of the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Mexico City, pastored by Dr. Kevin Wynne. The Lord gave me the opportunity of having all of the college students for 4½ hours. He put on my heart to give them truth on church planting, church administration, and prayer. I honestly never thought I would ever have such an opportunity, and I still think it may have been a mistake, but I was amazed at how the Lord so clearly gave me exactly what to give the college students and how He seemed to bring the truth home to their hearts also.

I went to the Bible college to seek pastors for our three new church plants. Please pray for us. Pastor Murillo, the three church planters and their wives, and I hope to make a return trip to Mexico City in the near future to talk more seriously with prospective candidates.

Please pray for Carlos Hernandez and Rodrigo Gutierrez, pastors of two of our new church plants. They are going through a time of purging. John 15:2 says, “. . . Every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.” They have lost some key people in their churches recently. It is normal for a new church to go through that, but it is very hard for a pastor. Many new church plants fail during this time of purging. They need our prayers. I also will be working more closely with them in the months ahead, hoping to encourage them.

Pastor Murillo also asked me to be our special-music coordinator and bus director. We will have an eight-week program starting April 10. I am excited about the opportunities, but I sure need your prayers.

I also would be grateful for your prayers about my vehicle situation. I have been without a vehicle since the accident on December 18, 2014.

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage