Chris Williams Prayer Letter:  Thankful for God's Protection!Dear Praying Friends,

Since our last letter, we have traveled through Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and back to Indiana for our annual FBMI Candidate School. During this time we visited with 27 churches and participated in 2 missions conferences. God has blessed us with no breakdowns through the 2,250 miles driven. It is always amazing to see how God takes care of us in every situation!

During our time in Texas, we were visited by a sudden, unforecasted, severe thunderstorm. Unfortunately, we had our awning out. The storm had hail and very high winds, at least 60 mph, that ripped the awning off the motor home, leaving two holes in the side and mangled hardware. Thankfully, the final damage to our home was relatively minor, but the awning was a total loss. Irene was inside at the time but was able to get out and into the house where we were parked before the worst came. I was working with another man in the middle of a field about one mile away with no protection when it hit. We were able to get to a nearby house for cover with no injuries, but not before getting completely soaked and pelted with hail. God’s protection is truly amazing!

While out soul winning, Irene had the privilege to lead a gentleman to Jesus in his living room in Colorado. He spoke only Spanish, so God put her in the right place at the right time, and she was able to see him sweetly saved. I met Toni as she was about to leave her house to run some errands in Hammond. She took the time to listen and asked Jesus to save her with tears in her eyes. It is such an honor that God lets us work for Him!

Thank you for praying for us,

In His service,

Chris and Irene Williams