Chris and Viry Sage Prayer Letter: Marriage, Honeymoon, and Travels in the StatesThank you for allowing me to get married and all the blessings that go along with it. The wedding on June 17, the honeymoon, and the scheduling of meetings while in the United States again have consumed my schedule since the last prayer letter; I am even a little out of rhythm with the timing of this prayer letter update. However, I am sure it is the Lord’s will and that ultimately all these things will result in much greater productivity for His cause in the establishment of good, fundamental, soul-winning, separated, independent, New Testament Baptist churches in
Mexico in the years to come.

People have been saved all along the way, including seven on our honeymoon. The Lord gave us a new family that started attending the new church three weeks before our wedding that I am sure was a result of prayer. The Lord has allowed me to teach the college class on prayer to the new generation of pastors in Mexico, and I am convinced it is the missing ingredient today. The hardest, most laborious, and most arduous work that a man of God should do is in his prayer closet. That is a work that, by the grace of God, I can take with me wherever I go.

Being in San Luis Potosi and the marriage counseling with Pastor Ramos gave me much more opportunity to talk with him about the church planting in Mexico. He has a great vision for starting churches all over the country! It is my dream to take a team of workers with us in each of the new church plants and to see these new churches autonomous, independent, and self-supporting as soon as possible. Pastor Ramos is willing to try a project next summer and send a team of workers with Viry and me in a new church plant. Please pray for the Lord to put that all together and use us.

The Lord provided a marvelous place for our honeymoon, and our schedule is pretty full into October. There is still a little window in October and November that needs to be filled. I am trusting the Lord that, with your prayers, He will fill the schedule and use us to be a blessing to the churches.

Prayer Requests

1. For the Lord to put our lives together in marriage and ministry
2. Fill our schedule and use us to be a blessing in the USA
3. Financial support
4. Put the team together for next summer and put His hand upon us

Yours for souls,

Chris and Viry Sage
Missionaries to Mexico