Daniel and Erin Lang Prayer Letter: The Gospel Is Going Out!Recently, a young man came to our house, asking me for some work so that he could earn some money to eat and pay his school fees, and I was able to give him some things to do. Right before he left, I explained the Gospel to him, and he accepted Christ as the only way to Heaven!

On the second Sunday of June, we had a Police Appreciation Day at the church. We had around 30 officers there! They were each gifted a Bible and given a clear presentation of the Gospel. I mentioned in our last letter that I was teaching a discipleship class. I was able to complete teaching the first level of the material. Please pray that our church members would develop a burden to see their friends and loved ones saved and discipled. Already, we’ve had two young men in the church start discipling their friends!

Also in June, I had the opportunity to minister to about 200 inmates at a prison. After I presented a clear Gospel message, about 15 came forward to be saved! This ministry is headed by a seminary graduate, who just got permission from the prison to baptize those who have been saved over the last few months. Every Sunday morning, he takes a few people with him over an hour away to preach; he also tries to help the inmates when they have court dates and even after they are released. I would like to try to help him with the $25 per month for transportation so that he can minister to this oft forgotten group of people. Anything extra that comes in will purchase some basic necessities to be distributed among the inmates, like toothpaste, soap, laundry detergent, malaria medicine, etc. If this is something you or your church would like to be a part of, please contact me for more details.

Thank you for your prayers and support! We know that it takes folks like you to send folks like us!

In His service,

Daniel, Erin, Ezekiel, and Gianna Lang