Brandon and Ali Heselschwerdt Prayer Letter: Helping a Team Family Start a ChurchPraise the Lord! Ali and I have officially made it through our 12 weeks of Kiswahili language school! We are now enjoying a short 3-week break to focus on our family before jumping into another 13 weeks of learning. Lord willing, we will be completely done with language school on September 30 of this year! We again thank all of you for your faithful prayers during this challenging but rewarding time as we learn the language. Please continue to pray as we embark on another 13 weeks, starting on July 5.

During this month, our family was able to help out three different families that make up our missionary team here in Kenya. First, I was able to fill in again for Peter Morris’s Wednesday night Bible study in our apartment complexes while he was up-country. It truly has been a blessing to see how far along the two ladies who come out for this Bible study have come and to witness their hunger for the truth from the Word of God! Also, I was able to go back to the boys’ school in Tatu City with Brother Emmanuel to preach to them during their early Sunday morning service.

This time, Emmanuel was able to introduce me, and I was blessed to bring the message from the Word of God. After thoroughly going through the plan of salvation with the approximately 300 boys in attendance, I gave an invitation to come forward and trust Christ as their personal Saviour. Praise God, several young men came to place their complete trust in our Lord Jesus Christ!

Our family was honored to help the Newton family as they prepared for their first church service on June 26. It was a blessing to see all of the families on our team come together to go out and invite people in the area to their church, as well as share the Gospel with those willing to allow us to speak to them! While we were out inviting people, I had the blessing to sit down with one man in his duka (“small shop”) and go through the Gospel with him. Before I knew it, I had several men standing around me to hear what I had to say. After going through the Gospel, I looked at all of them and asked who needed to turn to Christ and trust in Him as their personal Saviour. Praise the Lord, three men came forward and placed their faith and trust in the Saviour! On June 26, our family was also able to be a part of the services that the Newton family held. After the morning service, there were four men who came forward for their need of salvation; Brother Morris was able to speak to two of them, while I spoke with the other two. Glory to God, all four men that morning came to trust in Christ!

Lastly, at the very end of this month, my family and I were able to take a four-day trip up-country to see Bungoma and some possible ministry ideas for the future. Since our trip, we have begun to pray faithfully for the Lord’s leading in this area, and we simply ask that you all would please pray alongside us for the Lord to show forth His will and direction here in Kenya for our family. We are praying that sometime after language school, the Lord would show us where to go to start His work for our family! Thank you all for your faithful prayers. May you have a blessed month as we reflect upon our freedom and independence.

Your co-laborers for lost souls across East Africa,

Brandon, Ali, Jeffrey, Hannah & Esther Heselschwerdt
Romans 10:14