Missionary #6013 Prayer Letter: Plans for TaiwanI have recently been encouraged by what God is doing in our lives and about what He is doing in the world at large. The Philippines, many countries in Africa, and places all over the globe are having real revival, where the Gospel is being preached and countless people are getting saved. Even in China, Chinese Christians are boldly going, and despite the lasting effects of COVID in some places, they are reaching out in new ways. I am so gladdened by many stories I have heard from friends in the country.

Plans for Taiwan

As many of you already know from previous prayer letters, we will have to go to Taiwan before we can head to China. There are many places we could go that are overflowing with Chinese populations, and we are ready to adjust if God leads us differently. Still, we believe that the door to China is open now through the avenue of work visas. In order for us to enter China on a work visa, however, there is an education requirement that I will need to fulfill. Getting an additional degree in Taiwan seems to be the wisest way for us to serve and prepare simultaneously.

We have been planning a survey trip for this July in order to determine where and with whom we will work when we have reached full support. This trip will be dependent on Taiwan’s removing their current restrictions on entries because of COVID-19. There is a lot we hope to accomplish on this trip, and we need as much time as possible before the start of our scheduled meetings in the fall. Please pray with us that it would be God’s will for us to take this trip when it seems to be the most convenient. There are many missionaries with whom we would like to visit and observe their ministries. I know there is much to learn from all of our contacts, but it’s our desire to be certain of God’s will in this. It will help to get an idea of how living in Taiwan will be different from living in China. We can search for places to live as we make decisions about the city in which we will start.

As our support increases and we get closer to our goals, we need the prayers of God’s people more and more. Please pray that this trip will be possible soon and that we can accomplish everything we need to in the time that we have. It is our prayer that, while the trip may set back our deputation travels by a month or two, we will still be prepared to leave for Taiwan permanently in the spring of next year. Please let this be your prayer too.

Answers to Prayer

My wife wanted me to share with you the answer to her prayer request from her prayer letter before. There was a lady she had been working on since Christmas to be able to lead her to the Lord. T___ did get saved and started coming to church. Since then, she has brought her son, her two sisters, and her boyfriend to church with her; and several of them have gotten saved because of it. If you would, please pray for Tiara and the rest of her family as she begins to grow in knowledge and faith.

Thank you again, friends. My wife and I talk often about how much we appreciate your prayers. We want to be productive servants for you to the Chinese people, and we need God’s help to fulfill His calling well. Please know that we are praying for you as well.

Here for Him,

Missionary #6013