Mark and Sabrina Holmes Prayer Letter: Advancements During AbsenceThe main reason for this furlough, Joseph’s high school graduations, took place during the third week of May after a brief “senior trip” in our nation’s capital upon our arrival from Nigeria. Mark Joseph, Jr., walked with Abeka Academy and also took part in our sending church’s school graduation. On the second day of May, I was happy to receive my master of education degree from West Coast Baptist College through their online program. Our family took the opportunity to have a vacation in California that week, including revisiting the area where Sabrina and I honeymooned over twenty years ago. In the middle of the month, our family enjoyed time in Houston with Sabrina’s father and his family.

Our furlough travels have been productive for the ministry and pleasant for my wife and kids. I have taken solo trips to Florida, North Carolina, and Iowa to preach Missions Conferences and Missions-Emphasis Days. Our kids have taken part in the Summer Missionary Institute for Training and Evangelism (SMITE) in Louisiana, along with three weeks of Bible Club Blitzes, and different members of our family traveled for Junior Camp and Youth Camp with Sabrina’s home church in Baton Rouge. Sabrina and I were thrilled to travel alone to take part in three midweek services and a training class for Vision Baptist Missions in the Atlanta area at the end of June.

In my absence, our Nigerian staff completed the 3rd Student Missions Institute for Training in Evangelism in Kumasi, partnering with FBMI’s Team Ghana. Also, in partnership with our new missionaries, our deacons and staff have conducted several big days at Truth Baptist: Police Appreciation Sunday, with 30 visiting officers, Friends of the Deaf Anniversary, with over 20 visitors, the church’s 16th Anniversary, with many special activities, and a Friend Day, with around 115 guests! For Grace & Glory Baptist, a Family and Father’s Day brought many visitors, our first Vacation Bible School is scheduled, and a month-long Sunday school program has promoted outreach and faithfulness.

As this prayer letter is being written, I have sent off the money needed to buy the materials to add the roof to the second floor of our Providence Baptist College & Seminary. God has allowed for most of that money to be raised during our furlough, and we are trusting him for the $8,000 remaining to pay for labor and any remaining materials. Our mission board still has a special page for this project if you wish to learn more:

Believing God,

Mark Holmes, written 7 July 2022
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