Paul and Ling Awi Prayer Letter: Trials Bring Unity and Increased Prayer TimeGreetings to you all in His loving name! I hope this email finds you well and in good health. By God’s grace, my family and our children’s homes are doing great. Our church is doing well. The military government is only allowing us to hold services on Sunday mornings—not Sunday nights or Wednesday nights, so every Sunday morning service, the attending members and visitors are increasing week after week, and I praise God for that.

It is the rainy season at this time here in the country, which makes transportation difficult; there are landslides, and roads are blocked and gone. People are in sad situations. At the same time, the military government announced curfews and martial law across the country. I watch carefully for my country. God’s plan for my country is something to learn from; all Christians have more unity and spend more time in prayer when going through tough times.

God is leading the churches through unbelievable trials, especially in the Christian ethnic provinces of Chin, Kachin, Karen, Kayah, Sagaing, and Shan. The villages and churches were burned down by the military. They also destroyed the government capacity buildings, which were built during the ruling time of the National League for Democracy (NLD) government. The fighting of the ethnic armed forces and the People’s Defence Force (PDF) with the military regime is an ongoing process. Killing, shooting, protesting, and imprisonment are everywhere. The native people and villagers are running here and there, escaping and hiding from the military junta, searching for peace and secure places to live. Russia and China are the key supporting countries of the coup. Myanmar is heading into a dark age. I sincerely pray that our great God will have mercy upon my country and my people.

In times of great need, your church has been so faithful in helping the ministries here financially on a monthly basis and with consistent prayers. We are so grateful to you. My preacher boys and their families are calling me every day and giving the reports that things are heartbreaking. In God alone is our hope and trust, so please continue to uphold us in your prayers, amen.

Prayer Requests

1. My country’s political situation—we need change, and we need a new king.
2. The federal government requested me to operate ministries for the disabled. We currently have huge problems in this, but under the regime’s watch, we need much prayer.
3. Orphaned children are increasing in numbers, and we need more rooms.


1. Pastor John Wilkerson and First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, gave $5,000 for my three preacher boys and their families and for the church members at refugee camps on the borders of India and Thailand.
2. Pastor Brent Armstrong and Tucson Baptist Church of Tucson, Arizona, gave $1,500 for the children’s home. This allowed us to replace the roofing. God answered our prayers.
3. My health is good, and all of my COVID vaccinations are done.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the cause of Christ.

Yours sincerely,

Pastor Paul T. Lung
Calvary Baptist Church
Hlegu, Yangon