Charles Osgood Prayer Letter:  Praise the Lord for Continued Progress!Thank you for your prayers and support!

Fundamental Baptist Church of Barekuma

We are so thankful to be meeting in our new church building! We just got a banner put up, which can be seen well from the main road. We are having visitors nearly every week, which keeps us having many prospects for soul winning and follow-up. We had our first visitor from Kumi two weeks ago (located two villages away from Barekuma)!

A few weeks ago, a lady named Hagar visited our church from Aninkroma (the village next to Barekuma). She expressed a desire to join our church, and she even volunteered to clean our church building before services. I was able to visit her and her husband Charles the following Saturday, and both of them trusted Christ as their Saviour! Please pray that this dear couple will be established in the faith and be faithful to follow Christ.

10th Annual Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference

We will be hosting our 10th Annual Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference, August 9-12. Our theme is “Let’s Grow Our Faith.” Pastor Wilkerson, pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, will be our main speaker. Please be much in prayer for God to work in the hearts of all who come. What greater need do we have than for our faith to be increased and strengthened?


Our family is doing well. Josiah graduated from kindergarten in July. Lindsey and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary in June. I am so thankful for the great blessing it is to serve the Lord as a family! It just keeps getting better and better!

In Christ,

Charles, Lindsey, and Josiah Osgood