Charles Osgood Prayer Letter:  Fruit That Is Bearing FruitThank you for your prayers and support!

New Converts

About a year ago, I was able to win Bernard Osei Sarfo to Christ. He has grown greatly in the last year. He now is a worker in my Sunday school class and often goes soul winning with me. One Saturday in October, Bernard went soul winning with some other church members and won a teenager named Emmanuel to Christ. I was so thrilled when a few weeks later, Emmanuel came to church and followed the Lord in baptism!

A few months ago, I wrote about a lady named Fausty I won to Christ in Barekuma whose husband came from a family of idol worshippers. I asked prayer for his salvation. Praise the Lord! On November 14, I was able to preach the Gospel to him, and he trusted Christ as his Saviour! Now the whole family comes to our church. Please pray that Fausty and Kwaku will continue to grow in Christ.

9th Anniversary of Fundamental Baptist Church International

On November 8 we celebrated our church’s 9-year anniversary. After the morning service, we played games and had competitions between the Sunday school classes. We thank the Lord for all the people He has brought to our church and for their growth.

Fundamental Baptist Church of Barekuma

Work continues to move forward on the church building in Barekuma. Our people are anxiously waiting to move into our new building! We are planning to start meeting in our new building by the end of January.

Please pray for the growth of Kwaku, Eric, Alex, and Kofi. These are four men I have been able to lead to Christ in Barekuma in the last few months. All of them now attend our church. Pray that they will follow the Lord in baptism and become Christ’s disciples.

In Christ,

Charles, Lindsey, and Josiah Osgood