July has marked a busy month, with many wonderful meetings across several states. It is a blessing to remember late last year, starting to call pastors and seeing how an empty calendar, at that time, eventually became fuller through you and God’s providence. Thank you again for praying for us, as our support has risen to exceed the 25-percent mark.

Pastor Bob Hooker is now the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee. The Lord has placed him in a fantastic church, and we had a lot of enjoyment, meeting the folks and presenting the Thailand ministry there. Bro. Hooker was our dating counselor and a great encourager in Bible college. On the Fourth of July weekend, we had a blessed visit to Pastor John Waterhouse in Crestline, Ohio. Here we attended a special patriotic service and sensed the members’ desire to further spread the Gospel.

We received many blessings in Missouri, where everyone was also very generous, asked many good questions, and encouraged us greatly. My kids were able to experience Silver Dollar City and horseback riding through churches and friends. We visited excellent churches in Missouri, where strong attendance, spirit, and vibrancy were the norm. We were able to repair Fred (our van), with free housing during our times. All of this was thanks to very godly, giving people who love the Lord. We thank you and Him!

We attended the FBMI Candidate School, which helped us exponentially. Proven advice, encouragement, and seminars for deputation, the field, and more make us thankful for an organized and supportive missions agency. During our time in Hammond, we attended Youth Conference, visited our pastor, John Wilkerson, and drove to Greenwood, Indiana, to visit with Pastor Todd Poynter. I love to hear how another young preacher started small and the Lord raised up a solid, multi-faceted ministry.

Later in the month, we visited Pastor Todd Painter in Lincoln, Nebraska. We enjoyed this multi-cultural church with many Burmese and Karen people. Sarah and I both had the joy of leading Karen people to the Lord. Eh Gay Moo came to church, gave a profession of faith, came again the following week, and plans on bringing his wife next week. As with so many churches, God is blessing this church through the labor and desire to reach the nearby people of Downtown Lincoln.

We thank every one of you for pulling for us. May the Lord bless your August!

Grateful to serve,

Chad Inman and Family

270-702-3357 inmanstothailand@gmail.com 695 AG Daniel Road Hartford, KY 42347