Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter: Wonderful Grace of JesusThank you for your continued prayers and multiplied encouragements over the last several weeks. We have seen God do marvelously since the beginning of 2023, and we’re just praising His wonderful name. Some of the happenings and themes for January and February 2023: first-time visitors, salvations, baptisms, people seeking growth in the Lord, people encouraging each other, kids learning and growing in the Lord, babies being born, and weddings. The Nong Phlap church attendances have seen continued strength on Wednesdays and Sundays, with repeated Sundays of 120-130 people. Every week, we have our outdoor area set up with the tents and PA system to accommodate all of the adults for Sunday morning. Our desire and discipline for soul winning and visitation carry on each week as well. There were 67 salvations in January and February 2023. Three of our church members recently began soul winning with us and have done so for several weeks in a row, being a part of giving the Gospel and seeing people trust in the Saviour. It is motivating for them, as much as it is for us to see them take time out of their busy schedules to go soul winning. We had two couples marry in February, and another couple will marry in March. Pray that God would use their marriages mightily and that their new unions would be happy and blessed. Tamarla Khu, whom we’ve asked prayer for, gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Grace. Tamarla Khu and James were married in our Hua Hin church nine years ago, and they have three children now. These are fun, busy, and exciting times in the ministry. We have seen a few challenges. The orphanage we support in Burma had to move, yet again, due to dangerous uprisings. Thankfully, they are safe at this time, but living in less-than-adequate, temporary environments. Please continue to pray for their safety, sustenance, and spirit as Khun EsDay takes care of them. Pong and Da, our national pastor and wife, sadly lost their son Joe, as he went Home to be with the Lord. Joe had struggled with his health over the last two years. He was living 12 hours north of where we are and was only in his mid-30s. Please pray for Pong and Da as they grieve the loss of their oldest son. As we face these situations and other challenges, we press on with God’s strength and with thankfulness for God’s great doings in recent weeks. Our Nong Phlap church is looking for land, about an acre, on which to build a permanent church building. Please pray with us for the opportunity for our church to have its own land and building. The spirit of the church is happy, strong, and stable, with each Sunday feeling like a big day or special day.

Your prayers make such a big difference here as you go to the Lord on our behalf. Please pray for protection, strength, and growth for our church members and families. Many work difficult, taxing jobs as the hot season approaches (March – June). Some also have work with complicated schedules. Pray for souls to continue to be saved, strengthened with the Word of God, and encouraged by our church. Lastly, please pray for the children and teens in our church. We have seen them grow spiritually over the last three years. Pray for continued protection and wisdom in decision making with all of the influences they face.

Sisters Saved

For the last couple of years, an elderly couple, Yigh and Dtaa, have been faithful to our church. They have limited mobility and lived at their daughter’s house, taking care of the grandkids. Yigh often asked that we would pray for her daughters, Rin and Newt, to be saved. One Tuesday morning after canvassing and soul winning, we drove over to visit this elderly couple. Neither of them was there, as they had just moved back to their home village to take care of another family member. However, the two daughters were there. One of the daughters just happened to be visiting from Bangkok and would soon be returning home. After a friendly and thorough Gospel presentation, both of these ladies put their faith and trust in Jesus. It was a fantastic morning and a much-answered prayer from a faithful mom and dad.

Thank you again for your prayers. We hope and pray your 2023 is off to a great start. We thank the Lord for you.

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman & Family