Briand Hebert Prayer Letter:  Surprises and BlessingsDear Pastors and Praying Friends,

As we have just wrapped up our first month of full-time deputation, I must say that it has been anything but boring! I have learned and experienced a few things in this month that I will never forget. First, let me say that I have learned firsthand of the faithfulness of God to His promises. The Bible says in Proverbs 3:6, “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” I was afraid to start the deputation process at first, but since I have given the reigns over to God, I have had a much easier time. It is so much simpler to let Him lead while I follow His direction. It is also much more interesting to go by faith where He leads you.

I have sent out hundreds of e-mails and calls to pastors. All of them have been so gracious whether they were able to give us a meeting or not. I have nothing but the greatest respect for the work those men do every day. Our first meeting was on January 15 at Grace Baptist Church in the picturesque mountains of Hayesville, North Carolina. Everything was going as all of my missions classes said they would until the Lord decided to make things a little more interesting. When we got to the hotel in Hayesville, Pastor Wayne Matheson called me to tell me that he was stuck in another town that was a couple of hours away due to bad weather, so he asked if I could preach the service, as well as present our work. The Lord blessed the service that evening. The people were so gracious and kind to us. My only regret is that we were unable to meet Pastor Matheson and his wife. We learned that God sometimes throws us a curve and that we must be ready at all times to do what He asks of us.

We have more meetings that are coming up soon. Please continue to pray that the Lord’s will be done in each of them. Pray that more will get burdened and called to the needy field of Toronto, Canada. Pray that sinners will be saved, saints will be salvaged, and Satan will be sabotaged!

His servant and yours,

Brian Hebert