Brian George Prayer Letter:  New Church in Buenos Airesgeo1On the first week of May, I visited Buenos Aires for a weekend and preached at a conference of national pastors. Buenos Aires is the second-largest city in South America. The metropolitan area has 13.6 million people and grows an average of 2,603 people per week. Wow! My prayer is that thousands of churches will be started. Pray for revival! This city is massive! Please pray for more laborers. Pastor Freddy Paz is starting a new church in the next few weeks. This new church in Buenos Aires has many needs. He needs 40 new chairs, a pulpit, hymnbooks, thousands of Gospel tracts, a CD player, a big sign for the new church, and a lot of prayer. I plan to help him. Please pray for Pastor Freddy Paz!

geo2On Sunday, May 29, during our church service, a group of vandals broke into Pastor Owens’ house and cleaned it out of anything of value. They lost up to $400 cash, computers that were being used for homeschooling, cell phones, a digital camera, as well as other things. The biggest loss was the items that Joshua had for his Media Ministry. He lost his professional digital camera, which is worth over US$600 with all the extra accessories. He also lost his MacBook Pro he was using to make videos for the church. Their losses are in the thousands of dollars, as far as computers and valuables. Different men from the church are working on repairing the damage done to their back door. Please pray that the robbers will return the items! My prayer is that we can help them replace the computers and digital camera. Please pray for the Owens family.

geo3Benjamin, our oldest son, left to go back to the USA on the 29th of May to work at Cedar River Baptist Camp in Letts, Iowa. He will be working on staff at the camp for two months. After camp, he plans to locate in Washington, Iowa, and become part of Marion Avenue Baptist Church, our home church. His heart’s desire is to start a Media Ministry. He longs to help churches, whether it be with their sound systems, making web pages, tracts, or anything to do with media. He has been in charge of the sound system here in Argentina since he was 10 years old, so he has 12 years of experience in this area. Please pray for him as he starts this new ministry.

May God bless you richly!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George and Family