Brian George Prayer Letter:  366 First Time Visitors!Praise the Lord! You need to rejoice with us, because you have prayed and given financial support. Every dollar you give goes to your account for each soul saved. Keep up the good work you are doing as far as praying and giving!

During the last 10 weeks, we have encouraged the people to bring first-time visitors. We praise the Lord for the 366 first-time visitors who have come to church during the past 10 weeks. Many of these were saved at church and are still coming. One bus route had over 100 in attendance 2 weeks in a row. I started a new bus route near the church, and we have been averaging 2 saved out door-to-door soul winning each week. This route has brought as many as 18 to church on one Sunday. We continue to work with the people. It’s exciting to see people saved and excited about going out to reach their own people.

Just two months back I led the church to purchasing 100 plastic chairs. Each one cost US$10. Praise the Lord! The church members paid for these chairs with their regular tithes and offerings. The people here are learning to give. As a pastor and missionary, this is encouraging. The church also supports 18 missionaries through Faith Promise. Praise the Lord!

GeorgeDuring October of last year, we printed a booklet titled “The Gospel.” We printed 10,000 copies at US$0.23 each. A donation came in from Clear Gospel Crusade for the printing of this 28-page booklet. This illustrated booklet gives the plan of salvation in a very simple, clear, and understandable matter. We printed this booklet right here in Tucuman. All the booklets have been passed out with excellent results of reaching people with the plan of salvation. Our prayer is to be able to print 30,000 more copies sometime soon! Please pray! Could you possible take this on as a family or church project? Please talk to your pastor. Any donations would be welcome!

Thank you for your love and support! We are here in Argentina to serve you!

For souls,

Brian R. George and Family