Brandon and Ali Heselschwerdt Prayer Letter: First Furlough and Our Mission FieldThe month of May opened up as usual with the Pastors’ Practical Training Academy (PPTA). We had ten pastors who made it to Nairobi for the training this month. Peter Morris and I were able to close out our lessons on soul winning, and it was a blessing to hear the reports from the pastors and the results they have been able to see in their soul winning!

As soon as PPTA came to a close, I was extremely busy getting everything prepared for our team member, Andy Richey, to take over, as we were flying out for our first furlough on May 12 and returning on June 21. In this very short amount of time, I was able to finish up some discipleship and soul winning with Daniel, and I was confidently able to leave the soul winning, discipleship, and follow-ups in his care while I was away! Bro. Andy Richey and a few members from his church are in charge of keeping our Bible study going every Sunday evening for the six weeks while we are away. I cannot thank them enough for helping to keep everything moving forward and growing for the cause of Christ!

Andy has been very good to me by updating me at the end of every Sunday and sending me some pictures of our people! It has been encouraging to hear that we have had many visitors over the weeks, and at least two of them have made decisions for Christ! One Sunday, Pastor Emmanuel, the national pastor from Andy’s church, was able to meet with a few of the older children and go through the Gospel with them. We are excited to report that eight of them placed their faith in Christ alone!

Andy has also been so kind to meet with Lewis every week while I’ve been away, and the reports from both Lewis and Andy have been very uplifting! It’s at this moment that I thank the Lord for our team and friends in the ministry on the field that I can rely upon to keep things moving while we are away.

We have been blessed to see many family members and friends while back on our first furlough, but we are excited to get back home to Kenya to see what the Lord will continue to do through Acacia Bible Study!
Lastly, I would like to mention and praise the Lord for allowing us to publish nine more books! I don’t know how we managed to get it all done before we left for the States, but praise God we did. God has allowed me to put together nine different books, each one dealing with a particular subject from the Bible. Our goal behind these books is to get good, solid Biblical material out there for Kenyans to read and better know the Word of God! Unfortunately, there is every wind of doctrine thrown out around here, and most of it is plain heresy. We are hoping to use these books to open the eyes of many Kenyans to the truths of God’s Word and to draw them unto our Saviour, Jesus Christ! Please pray for God to do a great work in the lives of many souls across Kenya through these books.

Again, thank you all so much for your faithfulness, and God bless you.

Your co-laborers for lost souls across East Africa,

Brandon, Ali, Jeffrey, Hannah and Esther
Romans 10:14