Bob Bowen Prayer Letter:  What a Way to Start the New Year!“Thou hast set all the borders of the earth: thou hast made summer and winter.” (Psalm 74:17)

What a way to start out the New Year! The first Sunday of the year, we were snowed in and not able to get to the evening service. We were thankful to be able to watch the service by internet.

When you stop and think of those who believe in global warming, you must realize they have never read the Bible, or they just don’t believe it. I wrote a note in my Bible next to Psalm 74:17, “God is in control of the thermostat.” He makes the temperature whatever He wants.

January 11-14, Dr. Charles Keen and I conducted a missions conference at Harvest Baptist Church for Dr. Bob Parker. It was a blessing to spend four days with my good friend Dr. Keen and learn from this great man of God.

I traveled to Newburgh, Indiana, to preach for Pastor Curtis Hall on Sunday morning, January 18. He and his church have been a great blessing in getting the Word of God to Southeast Asia. Sunday evening, I preached for Pastor Barry Kirves at Landmark Baptist Church in Evansville, Indiana. Pastor Kirves is truly from the “old school,” and it is evident that God has blessed his ministry for the last three decades.

January 9, our good friend Dr. Gary Dice, pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Pittsfield, Illinois, was struck with a major heart attack. He had a successful heart surgery and is recovering at home. I contacted Pastor Dice to offer my services in any way possible. He allowed me to fill his pulpit on Sunday, January 25, and again on Wednesday evening for the Bible study. Pastor Dice and his church have been a blessing in getting the Word of God into the whole world. They have delivered Scripture in 120 nations, and they support many missionaries around the world. I am grateful to be a part of their Missions Program. We thank God for any church that is concerned about fulfilling the Great Commission. Please pray for Pastor Dice and for his speedy recovery and renewed strength.

While in Illinois, we took the opportunity to spend time with Jackie’s mother, who will be 99 years old on February 18. We want to thank those who continue to pray for Ernestine. She is getting frailer and has to use a walker to walk now. It’s very hard for one who has been so healthy and strong all of her life.

Into all the world,

Brother Bowen
Philippians 4:13