Baraka Hall Prayer Letter: Praising God for the Doors He Opens!I want to preface this letter with an apology for the delay in reporting to you all. While it has been about two months since our last report was sent out, we have gotten further behind in the updates. We praise the Lord for keeping us busy, but we would like to remedy this by getting you completely up to date.

In September, I was out visiting with my son and one of our Deaf members. I began sharing the Gospel with three Deaf men, when a young lady joined the conversation. George, a man I had previously met, came and was asking another Deaf man to join the group. That Deaf man began running away because he thought I was a Jehovah’s Witness. George quickly told him that was not the case, and I soon had a group of six Deaf adults, all “hearing” the Gospel for the first time. Normally, I would not do this, as there are so many different levels of education and language. However, when God opens the door, I am not one to slam it shut. After presenting the Gospel, I felt confident that two truly understood and put their faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. The very next day, most of them visited our church. My wife had the opportunity to speak with Matilda, the young lady from the group, and she put her faith in Christ alone that Sunday afternoon.

A similar situation occurred when Bro. Albert, a hearing man from Fundamental Baptist Church International, asked me to visit with him. We went to a lumber yard that has hired many Deaf men for work. We asked the boss, also Deaf, if we could share the Gospel with these Deaf men. He happily gave the men a break. After presenting the Gospel to this group, again I confidently felt like two truly understood and put their faith in Christ. The boss has extended an invitation for us to continue ministering there on Saturdays. Praise God for the doors He opens!

Since coming to Ghana, I have lost all of my deputation weight for a total of 50 pounds. As you can imagine, my clothes did not fit well, which was quite embarrassing at times while preaching. I was able to find a tailor who is Deaf. One day as he was working, I asked him if he had time to talk. He gladly put his sewing aside and was all eyes. He believed that going to church and repenting would gain him access to Heaven. After showing him the truth from the Bible, he recognized his need for a Saviour and called upon Christ.

Thank you all for praying with us for a vehicle. In November, we were able to purchase an SUV from another missionary here in Ghana, Bro. Stephen Volante. He gave us a really good deal, and God provided all of the funds. Please pray now for an open door to start a School Ministry within the Deaf residential schools. In December, they have “winter” break, and prayerfully, when they resume, we will be scheduling a weekly meeting with them.

Your co-laborers for Christ,

The Hall Family