Avila Family Prayer Letter:  Something Was Missing From His Life
Dear Praying Friends,

Something was missing from his life.
I was soul wining with my family one Saturday and happened to find an elderly man sitting on a park bench, soaking in the sun while his dog sat in his shadow. Quickly my children ran to him and started talking to him and asking him questions about his dog. My youngest Joaquin was the most intrigued with his dog. Joaquin had a good two-minute conversation with Mr. Manuel Lopez before I introduced myself. Mr. Lopez and I talked on that bench for a while as the children played with his dog.

In talking, Mr. Lopez offered that he had recently retired and moved to Surco from the countryside. I was very intrigued with the life story being painted before me. During our conversation Mr. Lopez stated that although he had had a good job and money saved, something was missing from his life and he didn’t know what it was. I smiled and asked if I could share a story with him. He smiled as he said, “Yes.”

Abe witnessing to Mr. Lopez

Abe witnessing to Mr. Lopez

I handed him a tract and told him the story of how I was able to lead my eldest son Marco to receive Christ as his personal Saviour. I got to the end of the story and asked Mr. Lopez, who, by the way, was 72 years old, if he understood the story and if he would like to receive Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour like Marco had? Once again he smiled as he said, “Yes.”

Before we parted ways, we spoke a little more. He offered, “I wish someone would have told me this when I was younger. I would have had a different life. Don’t stop telling this beautiful story, Abraham.” Yes sir, Mr. Lopez.

Who wants tamales?
It has been approximately a year and a half since I have seen my Stateside family. Well, my mother decided to surprise us with an impromptu visit in December. I was overwhelmed with joy when I saw my mother’s beautiful silver hair as she came out from behind Customs’ checkpoint wall. I’m not going to lie; I cried. Arriving to our apartment was even more joyous, as none of my children knew of Grandma’s visit. They were struck with awe as they saw their grandma walking through our apartment door. More tears were shed that hour. It was great!

Avila kiddos w/ Grandma Angelica

Avila kiddos w/ Grandma Angelica

Later on that week, my mother asked a question that really didn’t need to be asked, “Who wants tamales?” We all gasped with excitement, and I think we managed to squeal out a “Yes!” I believe my mother made about twelve pounds worth of tamales. My family and I managed to eat all of them before New Year’s Day. She also made us some staple Mexican dishes during her stay. I know, though, that more than her food, the time spent with her is what my children will miss. Thank you, Mom, for visiting us.

I am thankful for praying and giving friends such as you. If it weren’t for you, my family and I would not be able to be here in Lima, Peru. We love you and pray for you often. I pray that the Lord continues to bless you and your family. I pray that He gave you many warm memories during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I have included links below for more information and pictures of the various ministries of Team Peru (IBI). Please feel free to share them with friends and families that may ask, “Hey, what is Team Peru up to?”


Prayer Requests:
• Safety for our family, our team leader Dan Hubbard, and the other families of Team Peru
• Additional monthly financial support

• My children received many presents from their aunts, uncles, cousins, & grandparents.
• Pastor Miller & New Testament Baptist Church sent us an awesome Christmas present of American toys & goodies!
• One faithful supporter, Jeff Bollman at Next Day Toner, surprised us with a much needed present this Christmas. Thank you Bollman Family & Next Day Toner!

Thank you once again for your prayers and support.

Your co-laborers to Peru,

Abraham, Fabiola, Marco, Leilani, and Joaquin Avila

New Contact Information:
Abraham Avila (To avoid problems with our courier, correspondence must state my name and not “Avila family.”)
Caminos del Inca 2780, Block-C (Street name and house number)
Departamento 504 (Apartment number)
Urb. Prolongación Benavides (Residential zone)
Surco, Lima 15039 Perú (District, city, zip code, country)