Ruby led Señora Rosa to the Lord.

It started out as a normal Saturday soul-winning meeting. The kiddos from the area were all lined up and ready to walk into the church to have our “snack time” with the pastor. We all walked in, sat down, and had some moist American brownies. One of the kiddos raised his hand and asked the pastor a Bible question. A half hour went by, and then we were heading out the church with tracts in hand and a goal to at least lead one person to the Lord. We were 30-45 minutes into the soul-winning time, and I was getting rather bummed that I had not been able to witness to anyone yet. I was walking around the park to rally the kiddos and move to another location. As I walked around a bush fence, I could see two of my Sunday school girls talking. As I approached them, I could see who they were talking to. I stayed nearby and could hear them. Ruby (the older one) and Nicaolette were witnessing to a lady taking some shade under a tree. A few minutes went by, and then they all bowed their heads as Ruby led Señora Rosa to the Lord. This was the third person Ruby has led to the Lord since she learned how to go soul winning in our Sunday school class a few months ago. She is only nine years old, and I can always count on her being there ready to go soul-winning. My spirit was elevated, and I was more determined as we headed back to the church. That day I was able to witness to 8 children as they were getting ready to ride their bikes around the block. Praise the Lord!

Those “rats” are pretty memorable.

Christmas and New Year’s are a little different here than in the States. We have regular hot chocolate called chocolatada, some sweet bread called panettone, and some fireworks with awesome names like La Rata (The Rat) and La Mamarata (The Momma Rat). They sound humorous, but the reports on those “rats” are pretty memorable. Just imagine a baby ¼ stick of dynamite strapped to a rocket that only flies 10-20 feet high. Well, that plus colorful hot embers raining on you is what Christmas and New Year’s nights look like.

To be continued . . .

I am thankful for praying and giving friends such as you. If it weren’t for you, my family and I would not be able to be here in Lima, Peru. We love you and pray for you often. I pray that the Lord continues to bless you and your family.

I have included links below for more information and pictures of the various ministries of Team Peru (IBI). Please feel free to share them with friends and families who may ask, “Hey, what is Team Peru up to?”

Prayer Requests:

• Safety for our family, our team leader Dan Hubbard, and the other families of Team Peru
• Additional monthly financial support
• Health for the families of Team Peru


• My youngest Joaquin turned seven on the 18th of January.
• We have seen 32 souls saved.
• Sunday school class children are soul winning and bringing visitors to church.
• We were able to receive two care packages from supporting churches.

Thank you once again for your prayers and support.

Your co-laborers to Peru,

Abraham, Fabiola, Marco, Leilani, and Joaquin Avila