The work here in Jamaica has been growing steadily and wonderfully. God is doing great things here! On the first Sunday in December, we had a “Big Day” service, for which we sent out many invitations. There were so many people in attendance that we lost count. We had over 150 people at this service; that is twice the capacity of our building!

Our young people closed off the service with a song that they have been practicing for six weeks, “Lord, I Believe in You” (Pastors’ School 2009 style with much, much less grandeur but very powerful, nonetheless).

Our folks worked tirelessly to pull off the service, and God blessed our efforts. I can’t begin to express to you the overwhelming feeling of seeing people we’ve reached pour themselves into the work of God on Sunday night! To make things more exciting, at one of our very recent men’s prayer breakfasts, one of the young adult man said he believed that God was calling him to the ministry!

As I was doing some preparatory work for our church’s Christmas Program, I was reminded of how much Christ needs to be the center of everything we do. The culture here does not give much attention to Christ in Christmas. We trust that Christ might be magnified in you and your ministry this Christmas.

Thank you for your love and support throughout this past year. Your partnership has produced many salvations and dedicated lives for the Lord Jesus Christ. We are trusting the Lord for more this coming new year.

Have a blessed Christmas!