Missionary #6703 Prayer Letter:  Following in Believer's Baptismanderson1It is always very exciting when believers choose to honor God, especially in obedience in baptism. You see, Jamaica is a very religious country, having religious fingerprints on almost every facet of life. Many people we’ve talked to have some type of religion (mostly works-based salvation). Many have also been baptized, without salvation, at some point in their lives. This makes it somewhat challenging when dealing with people about baptism after salvation. Amidst the challenges, the Lord allowed us to see 4 people followed in believer’s baptism this past month.

Faithful Servant

anderson2I had the privilege of leading Nigel Cole to the Lord and baptizing him some time ago. He faithfully attends the men’s mentorship program that we have every Tuesday morning and has been growing. He has faithfully been bringing his family, including his adult children, to church. Now the Cole family is one of the stalwarts in our ministry.

Brother Cole has become very active in the ministry, serving in whatever capacity he is able. He recently shared with me that he wants to invest more of his time into the ministry and, eventually, full-time ministry. Please pray for him, as his job’s shift rotation takes him out of Sunday services every other month and midweek services the other months.

Brother Cole’s oldest son Kamol told me that he thinks that God might want him in full-time ministry. Please pray for him, as he is trying to decide between going into the military or pursuing full-time ministry.

Directions for India

For the 19 months we’ve been in Jamaica, we have been trying to secure long-term visas for India. Due to situations beyond our control, I don’t think we are any closer to that goal now than we were when we first got here. You have been praying for us, and we have been doing the same; but God has not opened the door as yet. In our pursuit for India, we feel as though we are at a traffic light, but we are not sure if the light means to “wait” or to “stop.” In the meantime, we will continue praying and staying busy where God will have us. Would you please pray for us that we might be yielded to God’s will, whatever that may be?

New Status

We have often been told that if we don’t have at least five children, we do not qualify for missionary status. Well, we’d like to report that we now qualify! We are expecting a new addition to our family about the end of September.

We have seen God do many incredible works here in our ministry. Thank you for allowing us to serve the Lord where He has planted us. Because of your prayers and support, we are able to focus on what God has called us to do.