Alberto Perez Prayer Letter:  Baptisms Victory Month!It is very encouraging to watch our new people grow spiritually and in knowledge in their Christian lives, especially with the brethren in Tonsupa. I personally led to Christ the owner of the property we use for our church services, and now he meets with us on Sundays. We average between 25 and 40 people in attendance on a regular basis. We personally saw 22 souls saved, and 13 made a public profession of faith in church. Praised God! We baptized 12 of our new converts, and 3 of them were from our new congregation.

In this update, I wanted to post mostly pictures for you. At the same time, I wanted to ask you to help us pray for these new converts to grow and mature in their Christian lives.

Likewise, please help us pray for my wife as she deals with her pregnancy symptoms. This will be baby number four, and the due date is the first week of December.

Thanks again for reading our updates. We love you and pray for you often!
Alberto Perez and Family