Team Ghana Update: On a Mission During the HolidaysAnthony W. Zuapeawon is a student in his third year at our Bible college. He is in what we call our Faithful Men program. These men are on a type of work scholarship. We provide for them training, a place to stay, and money for food. They take classes, do required reading, work on their English, work in outreach ministries, and help our church as junior staff members. This program has proven to be quite effective.

Over the Christmas holidays, Anthony made a trip back to his home country of Liberia and brought us back these great reports. By the grace of God, Anthony did the following:

  • Conducted a Bible Club, with 25 saved
  • Shared the Gospel with friends, neighbors, and family
  • Won the younger brother of a fellow college student
  • Preached the Gospel to two classes in a private school
  • Trained 27 members of his former church in soul winning for 5 days—after learning and practicing, they went out and won 30 souls; 5 visited church.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for God to continue to send us the right students to train for the ministry. To provide the opportunity for one man to be in the Faithful Men program, $75 per month is needed. At present, there are four more men in Liberia who would like to join our program. We have other prospects as well. Please pray for God to provide sponsors for each of our students. Please contact me at for more information. Support for our Bible college may be sent using the code “6181 Ghana College.”

And, as usual, let me request that you pray for one of our missionary families. The Charles and Lindsey Osgood family have been a part of the work here since the beginning in 2006. Brother Osgood leads our Faithful Men program. You can learn more about the Osgoods’ ministry at

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Pastor/Team Leader