Team Ghana Update: Investing in the Next GenerationHarvest Offering

At the end of each year, most Ghanaian churches collect what is called a Harvest Offering. This year the theme for our Harvest Offering was “Investing in the Next Generation.” We are raising funds in order to build a school building on the foundation where our church tent used to stand. This will allow our school the room it needs to grow, as well as free up Sunday school classroom space for the future growth of our church. I estimate that the total amount needed to finish this major project will be nearly $100,000.

I was so pleased with our church’s response again this year. So far, they have given over $9,100. These funds make for a good start.

Christmas Programs

Our Christian school, Fundamental Baptist Academy, finished its first term at the beginning of December with a special Christmas Program. One of our school teachers, Michael Kwakye, narrated the Christmas story, which was interspersed with traditional Christmas carols sung by our students.

Louis Gyamfi (on left) registering a delegate for our pastors' conference in August 2015

Louis Gyamfi (on left) registering a delegate for our pastors’ conference in August 2015

Louis Gyamfi

Louis (on the left in the picture) was saved in 2004, but it was only in 2014 that he learned of our ministry. He attended our Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference in August of that year. As a school teacher, he was still on a break between terms, so he started attending our church. At the end of his break, he had to return to his school in a village called Gyilli in the Upper West Region of Ghana. He volunteers his time to teach about 60 children, ages 7-15. Then on the weekends, he serves at a church in a nearby village called Kaleo. He seeks opportunities to share the Gospel in both Gyilli and Kaleo. In May 2015, he enrolled in our Bible college.

Louis is a great student and very eager to learn. He has realized that the proper training can greatly enhance the ministry he has in the Upper West. About our Bible college he says, “I love what I am learning!” Pray that God uses Louis in a profound way here in West Africa.

Three FBCI Staff Men at KFC

Three FBCI Staff Men at KFC


In 2015, a KFC opened here in Kumasi. What a welcome taste of home! I very much enjoyed taking our staff men there for our Christmas outing. For many of them, it was their first taste of American-style fast food. Some were doubtful that the chicken would be to their liking; however, all were very pleased.

Please pray with us that God helps us reach more souls for Him in 2016! Also, our team missionary prayer letter this month is by the Carter family. Pray for them as well.


Ted Speer
Team Leader