Team Ghana Update: Ho, Every One That ThirstethSeveral months ago, one of our national pastors, Pastor Isaac Owusu Ansah, mentioned the need their community has for water. His church is in a remote village called Petrensa. In the past, to draw water, everyone in the village had to walk quite a distance. Pastor Isaac suggested that digging a borehole for water would be a great gift to the entire community, and it would also help attract people to their church. I suggested this need to some Christian investors, and they liked the idea. To my pleasant surprise, they asked about doing this at multiple locations. Now we have received enough money to dig seven boreholes for some of our daughter churches. Of course, included with each borehole is a system for drawing and storing the water drawn from these wells.

The first borehole in this project was dug in April and is now fully functional. During the construction of the borehole, Pastor Isaac had the opportunity to win 6 people to Christ. Then, at the grand opening of the borehole for public use, 112 people came to draw water. At the site, Pastor Isaac had put up a poster advertising our TV program. A man named Benjamin Afrane came to draw water, and he saw the poster for our TV ministry. Benjamin said, “Oh, this pastor on TV, I know him.” Pastor Isaac found out that Benjamin had been watching our TV program; right then and there, Pastor Isaac was able to win Benjamin to Christ.

We have now dug boreholes in the communities of Kuntenase, Adwafo, and Mamponteng. The one in Mamponteng had its ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday, which I attended. The local chief was also present. The pastor of the church in Mamponteng, Kingsley Addai, reported that he was able to lead several people to Christ as the borehole was being constructed. He also reported that several children playing soccer nearby were thirsty and came for a drink of water. Pastor Kingsley’s children’s pastor, Brother Martin, preached the Gospel to them, and they trusted Christ.

We have placed a plaque at each borehole with these appropriate words of Christ from John 4:13-14, “. . . Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again: But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst . . . .” It is our hope that this new ministry will lead to the salvation of many. We thank God for His provision for this ministry. We plan to continue establishing these boreholes for our other daughter churches as money is donated. Please pray that God continues to use this ministry for His glory.

Pray for missionary Larae Hoff (prayer letters). She is on deputation to join our team to help us reach the children of Ghana. She will be working in our Christian school and in our children’s department, and she will help train children’s workers in our daughter churches. We need her assistance greatly! We thank God that her support level has surpassed 60%.

Ted Speer
Pastor/Team Leader