Team Ghana Update: Fruit from Our Information Center MinistryIn 2018, our church started our information center ministry. An information center is a community loudspeaker heard by hundreds all around. Many communities in Kumasi have an information center, and we have been renting airtime in order to get the Gospel to these areas. Please allow me to share with you two testimonies from this unique ministry:

150 Nursing Students Receive the Gospel

Pastor Ansah is one of our Bible college students. He testifies, “Glory be to God for His mighty great works He is doing through the information centers. This lady beside me is Gloria Owusu Serwaa. She is student at St. Michael Midwifery Nursing School at Pramso. Several weeks ago, she called my number when I was preaching at Kuntenase Information Center about the eternal security of a believer. She was happy about the message, so she came to church, as she had promised. After church she came to me and said, ‘Pastor, I am very happy to know this truth about salvation. I want you to come to our school so that you can teach them about this truth, but our school is Catholic. Because of that, the school authority will not give you that access.’ So, I gave her Gospel tracts to share with her friends. Later, I gave her booklets with a more thorough explanation of the Gospel. Now, by the grace of God, the entire class of about 150 students has completed the workbooks.”

A Great Prospect for Our Bible College

Pastor Kingsley Addai gives this testimony: “Praise God for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the preaching at the ‘K.O.’ Information Center this morning. After the message, the owner of the center asked us if we were preaching ‘once saved, always saved.’ The owner happens to pastor her own church. We spent several hours showing her from the Bible the truth about salvation and eternal security. She was insistent that someone could lose his or her salvation. During our discussion, a young man named Adu Poku overheard what we were talking about. Adu Poku had made his own research and found out that salvation is by grace through faith alone. He is willing to learn from us. Let’s pray for the owner of the center to understand the Gospel. Amen! And let’s pray also that Adu Poku would come learn from us.” Just a couple of weeks later, Adu Poku (on right in picture) came to enroll in our Bible college.

Prayer Requests

Pray that God would provide a church building for Pastor Kingsley’s church. (See In addition to praying for our information center ministry, pray for our team families. This month, we are highlighting the Hall family. Please pray for their outreach to the Deaf of Ghana. You can read their most recent prayer letter here:

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer