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Greetings from Missionary Mark Holmes!

Very soon after its Grand Opening in May of 2006, Truth Baptist Church was able to purchase the property that they were previously renting. Originally intended to be a hotel, one structure was converted to an auditorium and children’s churches, and the other building (designed as 20 hotel rooms) has been perfect for student and staff housing. Continual growth in both the college and the church, along with the progress of Pastors’ Conferences and youth camps, has made necessary the addition of a second floor to the dormitory, where foundations and columns are already in place. This project would have the following benefits to each ministry that the church has founded:

  • Dormitory and lecture rooms for the improvement of our full-time ministry training school, the Providence Baptist College & Seminary
  • A multiplication of Sunday schools for our first church plant, the Truth Baptist Church
  • Places for four levels of teaching that are conducted at our annual youth camp, the Student Missions Institute for Training in Evangelism
  • Split-session areas for our annual seminar for churches, the Soul-Winning & Leadership Conference
  • Needed space for daily church and college functions as our day school, the Foundations Christian Academy, is started on the remainder of the property

We need $25k to get started with the decking and the walls of the second floor, another $25k is estimated for the roofing, and $10k for the finishing work (plaster, windows, doors, etc). We believe that this project will provide a further boost to the ministry, whose graduates have already planted 40 works and whose conferences and camps have a growing influence on over 100 churches. Please consider helping us to complete this development!