Team Ghana Update: A Productive MinistryA unique ministry that we have discovered here in Kumasi is the information center ministry. In some neighborhoods, loudspeakers have been set up and are operated as a very local radio station. Airtime can be rented, and those who broadcast have a captive audience. We purchase airtime at these information centers in order to preach the truth of God’s Word. Through this ministry, thousands have heard the Gospel, scores have trusted Christ, and many have been added to our church plants. Recently, one of our Bible college graduates, Pastor Isaac Ebo-Otwey, sent us this excellent report about his church’s information center ministry:

This ministry has allowed us to make inroads into difficult communities in our area. We preach at two information centers every Saturday evening. One such center is situated near a white structure [pictured below] at which demonic rituals are performed by fetish priests [similar to witch doctors or shaman]. No other church will preach by this shrine because they fear the false gods. A few weeks ago, the information center owner reported to us what a certain elder of the community revealed to him. The elder had told him that our God might be powerful, but they thought something bad would happen to us. He said, “Nothing has happened to them; rather, it seems that the people in the community are receiving them well.”

We thank God that children and teens are being reached in this community through the information center ministry. One day we went there to hand out Gospel tracts and John & Romans. One of the recipients, a parent, pleaded with us to come and start a special program for their children and teach them the truth like we do through the information center. We started a Bible Club for them a week later. We meet to play games, pray, and preach the Word of God to over 100 children each week. And, this past Sunday, from this community we transported 54 people– both children, teens, and adults—to church for the first time. Oh, what a blessing the information center ministry is. The response has been tremendous!

One hour of information center airtime costs approximately $10. We have enough preachers and stations to be preaching 128 hours per month, which adds up to $1,280 per month. Right now, we have two sponsors for $50 per month and others who, on occasion, may give larger sums. If you would like to invest in this productive ministry, please contact me. Please pray for this great outreach. Thank you!

Our team family-in-focus this month is the Christiansens. Pray for them, as they are on furlough for the next month and a half, and catch up on their updates.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Pastor/Team Leader