Zach and Cassandra Foust Jr. Prayer Letter: Nine Missions Conferences in a Row!We would like to start this letter off by saying thank you so much for your continued prayers and support as we travel on deputation. This week, we finish a total of nine Missions Conferences pretty much back to back! Over the last several weeks, we have traveled to the states of Iowa, South Dakota, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, and even Arizona. The Lord has really blessed in allowing us to raise our support quickly. We are so excited to share some of the highlights from our travels!

We are so thankful for our time with Pastor Joe Brown and Marion Avenue Baptist Church of Washington, Iowa. Their Missions Conference was amazing! Their church family was so kind. They blew us away with their love and generosity. Shortly after that conference, we were able to go to First Baptist Church of Elkton, South Dakota, where my younger brother Caleb was recently hired to start a new Spanish church. We had a wonderful week with Pastor Jorgensen and his family. After door knocking that week, they had 32 people attend on their first Sunday!

We went to so many wonderful churches over the next few weeks, including First Baptist Church of Geneseo, Illinois, and First Baptist Church of Lewiston, Michigan. We then had a great Missions Conference with Morning Star Baptist Church in South Carolina. Another highlight would be our time with Providence Baptist Church in Riverview, Florida. Pastor Mark Duff and his church family were a huge blessing to us! We also got to spend time with Dr. Don Sisk, who was the guest speaker for the conference. We will forever remember their kindness to us! Next, we enjoyed getting to meet Pastor Matthew Stidham and Bible Baptist Church in New Port Richey. What a friendly church with a heart for missions!

We traveled from Florida all the way to Michigan for a wonderful conference at Lighthouse Baptist Church of Plainwell. We then flew to Arizona where we got the chance to be with Pastor Kevin Cowling and Valley Baptist Church of Mesa. We saw many friends there and were encouraged by many faithful servants of the Lord. It was also exciting to hear one of my heroes, Dr. Dan Siemer, preach the conference. During the week, I was able to lead three people to the Lord while out soul winning. My wife was able to witness to a lady named Daphne, who came to church as a visitor. It was great to see her sweetly accept Christ!

That same week, we traveled to Evansville, Indiana, to be with Pastor Sam Robinson and Landmark Baptist Church. We heard from one of our favorite preachers, Pastor Kevin Crowell, and were encouraged by Landmark’s church family. One of our favorite blessings from the week was leading a man named Felix to the Lord while out witnessing. We traveled on to Oswego, Illinois, where we got to be with Pastor David Hemphill and Valley Baptist Church. We saw so many blessings over
the week from the church family and the missionaries. We finished out the month at Decatur Baptist Church in Little Hocking, Ohio, with Pastor Andrew Coblentz. We loved meeting their church and hearing Bro. Jeremy Snipes from our own mission board preach!

As you can see, we have been very blessed. We have been so busy, but the Lord has allowed us to visit many churches! We have seen souls saved, prayer and financial support raised, and dear friends made. We look forward to finishing our deputation soon and getting to the field! Please continue to pray for us! Please pray for safety on the roads and for our vehicle, as that has been a bit of a hinderance. Please pray that we will be a blessing to each person we meet and that the Lord would guide us to those who need to be saved. Please pray for Peru and for wisdom as we make our transition to the field soon! We are so grateful for each of you!

God bless you all,

Zach and Cassandra Foust, Jr.