Zach and Cassandra Foust Jr. Prayer Letter: We Are on the Field!We are so excited to update you all about our move to Peru! We would like to start off by saying thank you to each of you who has prayed and given so that we could be here! We have been so blessed by the love shown from family and friends.

Just before our move to Peru on March 29, we ended off our deputation with some amazing churches in Texas! We were grateful to be able to go to Capitol City Baptist Church in Austin. Pastor Thompson and the church are a bright light shining in the darkness for Christ! They were such a blessing to us. From there we went to a wonderful Missions Conference at Grace Baptist Church in Flower Mound, Texas. We enjoyed getting to know Pastor Johnson and the church family. We are so grateful for the hard work put in by so many, but especially by Randy and April Posey, who hosted us for the week. Please pray for a lady named Carolina, whom I was able to lead to the Lord while out visiting with Pastor Johnson.

The following weekend, we had one last meeting in South Boardman, Michigan, at Victory Baptist Church. Their church was so friendly, and we’re very glad we were able to be there! We headed back home that Sunday evening for one last service at our home church. A lot of family came, and we were able to say goodbye to so many. It was also a special time, as I was ordained that evening.

The following Wednesday, we made our move to Peru! We are happy to say that all of our bags made it with us! My parents were a huge help, as they flew to Peru with us and helped carry extra bags. We moved right into our new apartment here in Lima and have been getting settled. We have been acquiring some furniture, and Cassandra has been working out our market and grocery-store shopping.

We have also been able to jump right into the work here. The first Sunday of our arrival, I was graciously asked to preach in both churches my dad currently pastors here in Lima. The following Monday night started our new semester of Bible institute, where we are training about 40 students to serve the Lord. Cassandra and I both get to help teach. We had a huge day on Resurrection Sunday, with 250 people in attendance at our one church in San Gabriel, and about 130 attending our other church in Surco; 5 people were baptized as well. Our team was able to host the Fires of Evangelism Conference here in Lima last week, and Cassandra and I were heavily involved.

We have some exciting prayer requests to share! We are collaborating with some other churches here in Peru to pass out 1,000,000 tracts next week! It is a huge undertaking, and we’re looking forward to seeing the Lord do great things. We will have the chance to go into several public schools, and some of them are allowing us to give a Gospel presentation. Next, in
a few weeks, we will be making another trip into the jungle, where we will be reaching new villages and hosting a large Family Conference. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance! We look forward to updating you with the results! Lastly, please pray for a lady named Giovanna, whom I was able to lead to the Lord last week.

We appreciate so much your prayers and support!

God bless you all,

Zach and Cassandra Foust