Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter: Spring Program Off to a Great Start!Meat Sunday

We had a wonderful start to our year. The second Sunday after returning to Tanzania, we had “Meat Sunday.” We prepared two cows and invited as many people as we could. We were excited to have a total of 427 on Sunday, with 49 first-time visitors. We also saw 32 people trust Christ as their Saviour, and 2 were baptized.

Salvation Experience

Recently while working on a message on fear, I decided to ask some of the men who were doing some construction at our house for some ideas on some things that people were afraid of. One of the men spoke about the fear of where we will go after we die. I stopped right there and began to talk to him about salvation. It was incredible to be able to share with him that he did not need to fear any longer because Jesus saves. David bowed his head right there and trusted Jesus Christ as His Saviour. Since then, he and his wife have come to church. Please pray with us as we endeavor to disciple this young couple.

Marriage Seminar

We were very excited to have a total of 18 married couples at our Marriage Seminar this year. We had a wonderful time of games and teaching from the Bible. The theme for the teaching was on money in marriage. It was a blessing to hear many speak about how they were helped and challenged.

Big Days

We are in the middle of our special four-week program. Each Sunday we are having some special things here at the church, and we are encouraging our members to invite friends, family, and neighbors. The most exciting day will be our last Sunday called “Honor Your Parents Sunday.” We are asking each member to endeavor to bring their parents to this Sunday. I believe this will be a wonderful tool to get the parents of our people to come to church.

Radio Update

Please pray for the radio station. I have checked with the regulatory authority, and they have told me that our license is at the final stage. It is currently in the office of the Minister of Communication waiting to be signed. Please pray that God would allow this to be processed quickly and in His time.

Your representatives to Tanzania,

Jerry & Rachel Wyatt