Warren Storm Prayer Letter:  God's Timing Is PerfectThankful for Our Friends

We thank you for your Christmas cards, pictures, and gifts. We so appreciate your kind thoughtfulness. It means a lot to us, and we do not take it for granted.

Thankful for God’s Protection

God has provided and protected us through 2016. In November and December, we were able to help churches in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina. In 2016, God watched over us as we traveled over 12,000 miles, helping 99 churches. We saw 56 souls trust Christ, and 18 of those were parents of bus kids. With God’s help we were able to help the churches fix 194 buses. Over the phone we helped fix several buses that were either broken down at a church or on the side of the road.

God’s Timing Is Perfect

While we were in North Carolina, the right rear tire on our motor home blew just a quarter of a mile from the next church. Our tire man is a member of that church. He located some tires for us at a good price, and his men and I put eight new tires on the motor home. We also noticed that the four rear tires on the utility truck needed to be replaced. He donated those to us. God provided our needs through a servant of His.

While we were there, God allowed us to win 5 precious souls to Christ; 3 of those were parents of bus kids. The Devil fights when God has souls ready and waiting to receive His Son.

Keep Those Buses Rolling

When I was fixing buses at another church, a man, who was an inspector on a highway project near the church, came up to me and told me he had gotten saved as a bus kid years ago there at the former church. He gave me a clear testimony of his salvation. Since that time, the former church moved and stopped their Bus Ministry. Now the new church, Harbor Baptist Church, has a Bus Ministry, which is going strong and reaching souls for Christ. I encouraged him to come and visit the church. It is heartbreaking when former Bus Ministries shut down, leaving the children without a way to get to church. Most of them have no other way to hear about Jesus and His love for them.

Thank You for Praying

Our son Tony and his family will be returning from his tour in Hawaii this May. In August, our son Dave will be deployed to the Middle East. We covet your prayers.

We are grateful for your faithful prayers and financial support. Thank you for partnering with us. You have a part in every Bus Ministry helped and every bus family reached for Christ.

If you have an issue with a bus, please call me at 219-689-0011. On average, we move to a different church every three to four days. We may be able to head your way, or we will help you over the phone any way we can.

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm