Warren Storm Prayer Letter:  109 Churches Helped in 2013Dear Praying Friends,

Spring Is Here? This has been one of the coldest and snowiest winters. Even some parts of Florida received snow. But in spite of the cold, we are thankful that we were able to help many churches. In 2013 we traveled 13,495 miles, helping 109 churches. God enabled us to win 104 souls through our personal soul winning. Of that number, 34 were parents of bus kids. Twenty-seven of our converts came to church, and 6 of those walked the aisle. With God’s help and protection, we worked on 182 buses. All of the glory and praise belong to God!

HAC Alumni and Friends: It was our privilege to be with our pastor, John Wilkerson, and some of his men when we attended the Hyles-Anderson Alumni and Friends Fellowship on February 28. It was hosted by Monterey Baptist Church of Orlando, Florida. One of our own Hammond Baptist High School graduates, C.W. Kennedy, is the pastor there and doing a fine job.

Church-Bus Safety: The importance of bus safety cannot be overemphasized. We are carrying God’s “Precious Cargo.” Our Saturday Inspection forms can be e-mailed to you. Weekly inspection on each bus helps to insure bus safety, and it also helps to prevent many breakdowns.

Soul-Winning Blessings: While making visits for New Shiloh Baptist Church in Clearwater, Florida, we met Dorothy, a 90-year-old Catholic lady. I told her, “You have already heard a lot of what we are about to share with you. We just want to put it in order so it makes sense to you.” Then I had my wife give her the Gospel, and she so sweetly trusted Christ as her own personal Saviour.

At Victory Baptist Church in Port St. John, Florida, we had the privilege of leading 5 parents of bus kids to Christ. One of those families came to church that Sunday, and the mom and her son were baptized. The Bus Ministries are a great way to “keep punching holes in the darkness.”

Thank you for partnering with us with your prayers and financial support as we reach the bus families for Christ and His kingdom. We also want to thank you for your cards, notes, and pictures that we have received in the last few months. Your thoughtfulness is so appreciated. We pray for the pastors and their families and for the bus mechanics as well.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for our son David Highfill and his son Jordan, who have recently joined the Navy Reserves; pray that God will keep them safe as they serve our country.

God answered your prayers when He led us to our newer 2002 Chevy C3500 utility truck. It only has 90,000 miles on it. Our old truck had 336,000 miles on it and was limping along. We thank God for His provisions!

Yours for souls,

Warren and Jary Lynn Storm