Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter: A Request of My Prayer WarriorsOn August 15, 2021, the Afghani military collapsed, and the Taliban instantly filled the political vacuum. The Taliban have turned Afghanistan into an Islamic dictatorship. Ironically, the internet is the one means of communication that still punches a hole in the Taliban’s control. Afghanis have been able to find and latch on to BXXXXXXXXX (our web-based Bible school). Please pray that God continues to keep our footprint invisible to those who would block us.

As most of you know, Afghanistan is one of the four Muslim countries we reach daily, and each day, people from this country reach out to us. Our bimonthly letters to you are often more newsletters than they are prayer letters. I would like to correct this and give you a list of 60 people who need your prayers. I believe every independent, fundamental Baptist church has a handful of prayer warriors. I’m reaching out to you. (1) The following names are incomplete, so their identities are not compromised. (2) I’ve provided phonetic spellings next to the names, so that you can pronounce them. (3) Some have made professions of faith in Christ. Others are still seeking; they are prayerfully considering the Gospel. Please pray for their salvation. (4) Ask the Lord to help you love the people behind the names.

IF THESE PRAYER LETTERS ARE POSTED IN YOUR CHURCH HALLWAY, COULD YOU SNAP A PICTURE OF THIS LIST ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE AND PRAY FOR THEM REGULARLY? Please pray as the Lord leads you, but also ask that He would increase their faith, meet their needs, keep them safe from persecution, and provide for their health needs. These people live in squalor, and yet somehow, God helps them scrape together enough pennies (afghanis) to purchase internet time with us. I try to pray for them daily.


• My wife and children are in good health and spirits! School has started. My wife is teaching, and the kids are planning on Bible college upon graduation. I will have more specific reports from them next month!
• We have seen seven people saved since our last letter. Please pray that the Lord would pour out His Spirit with more opportunities.
• I travel to Israel in nine days; I will be there for two weeks. I will be preaching three times and taking Bibles into select areas. Please pray for God to prosper our efforts.
• Since 2020, we have seen 1,040,600 reach out to us to learn about our Saviour. Please pray for God’s help, provision, and wisdom as we serve.

Gratefully in His service,

Missionary #6505

1. Zeynab D. (ZAY-nab)
2. Sadiq A. (Sah-DEEK)
3. Safiullah S. (Sahf-u-lah)
4. Saidhamidullah M. (Sah-EED-Ah-MEED-oo-LAH)
5. Sara
6. Sara G.
7. Sediqullah H. (Sah-DEEK-oo-LAH)
8. Shirin M. (Shar-EEN)
9. Vanik K. (Vah-NEEK)
10. Wesal H. (Weh-SAL)
11. Musa K. (Moo-SAH)
12. Nasrin (Nah-SREEN)
13. Nasrin S. (Nah-SREEN)
14. Naveed S. (Nah-VEED)
15. Pari S. (PAH-ree)
16. Rahim R. (Ra-HEEM)
17. Rahmtuallah N. (Rahm-TOO-Ah-lah)
18. Alireza H. (Ali-RAY-za)
19. Amir H. (Ah-meer)
20. Amir S. (Ah-meer)
21. Arash K. (Ah-RAHSH)
22. Rajab S. (Rah-JAHB)
23. Ramin J. (Rah-MEEN)
24. Sadeghkan R. (Sah-deg-KHAN)
25. Kevin (as written; picked a pseudonym)
26. Mahdi J. (Mah-DEE)
27. Marta (Mar-TAH)
28. Maryam R. (Mar-YAM)
29. Matthew K.
30. Michael G.
31. Mohammad E. (Mo-HAM’ad)
32. Mohib (MO-heeb)
33. Farah M. (FA-rah)
34. Fathullah F. (Fah-TOE-la)
35. Gugh (Goo’j)
36. Hakim W. (HA-keem)
37. Hamidreza R. (HA-meed-ray-ZA)
38. Hashmat A. (Hash’maht)
39. Jalilan M. (JAH-lee-lahn)
40. Alexander F (Alexander)
41. Ali
42. Ali B.
43. Ali D.
44. Ali. J
45. Ali M.
46. Ali R.
47. Ali S.
48. Ali S.
49. Abdullah B. (Ahb-DOO-lah)
50. Abduraqib R. (Ahb-DOO-rah-keeb)
51. Afrah M. (Ahf-RA)
52. Ahmad D. (Ach-MAHD)
53. Ahmad G. (Ach-MAHD)
54. Ahmad M. (Ach-MAHD)
55. Ahmad V. (Ach-MAHD)
56. Akbar H. (Ahk-BAR)
57. Arash R. (Ah-RAHSH)
58. Ashraf R. (Ash-RAHF)
59. Daniyel R. (Daniel)
60. Delawar K. (Del-a-WAHR)