Mike and Maria Sarver Prayer Letter: Plenty of Good NewsThere is plenty of good news to share with you this month. Thank you for your part in the work here!

Easter Outreach

For the last several years now, our church has taken advantage of the holiday by meeting on the Friday before Easter to go out and canvass areas near our church. There were about 20 from our Sunday school class who came out this year, along with about 150 others from our church. Our class members enjoyed the time of fellowship and outreach.

The response from the community was very good. We met many prospects, and many promised to come. One of those whom Maria signed up to come to our church was Stephen. He told us, “I was attending [a different church], but I want to come to yours.”

Then, on the day before Easter, our daughter Joy won a young lady named Francisca to Christ. The same day, my class member and staff member Julius helped me win a teenage boy named Joe to Christ.

On Easter Sunday, I needed to get cash from an ATM. I handed a tract to the security guard, and he started reading it right away. The Lord led me to witness to this security guard named Boakye, and I believe he trusted Christ. At church later that day, Joy’s convert Francisca came. Stephen also came; I won him to Christ after the service, and he was baptized. A lady named Maggie, whom I had met during our Friday visitation, also came for the first time.


March was our church’s Visitor-Emphasis Month (which is like a Fall or Spring Program). God blessed our class with 29 first-time visitors. Along with that, our class averaged 115 adults, which was our highest March average. God continues to work; so far in April, our class has had 15 visitors. Maria’s visitor Priscilla has come several times; we believe Priscilla had already been saved before Maria met her. This past Sunday, Joe came to church, along with my son Ben’s visitor Roland. We are praying for the opportunity to witness to both Joe and Roland’s families.

Prayer Requests

Interestingly, my mother’s heart doctor in America is a Ghanaian man. He performed her open-heart surgery four years ago. I met him last summer when I was in the States and found out that he owns a house in Ghana less than a mile from where our family stays. Last week, Dr. Asamoah was visiting Ghana, and he stopped by my office for a brief visit. I pray for God’s will to be done in this providential connection we have made. Pray that God will empower our family as we follow up on these recent visitors. We pray for their salvation and growth in grace.

Mike, Maria, Joy, Faith, and Ben Sarver