Brendan and Karin Morgan Prayer Letter:  One Year In!Greetings in the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ from Osaka, Japan! As the cherry blossoms recently heralded the arrival of spring, we are reminded of the new life and growth that the Lord brings, both in nature and within our ministry. We are continually grateful for your steadfast prayers and support that enable us to share the hope of the Gospel in this beautiful land.

The months of February and March have been filled with blessings and progress in our journey here. On March 2, we officially crossed our one-year mark here in Japan! We are excited to share some of the ways God has been moving in and through our ministry, thanks to your prayers and partnership.

Our Japanese language studies continue to bear fruit, and I am now able to understand the majority of the preaching at Senri Newtown Baptist Church without the need for interpretation. This significant milestone greatly enhances our connection with the congregation and our effectiveness in ministry. As of April, I am now assisting with the men’s group here at Senri Newtown, including helping to organize men’s activities, as well as helping design the weekly men’s bulletin.

We had the joy of hosting a dear family in our home again, a family with whom we’ve built a cherished relationship. You might remember Kurumi, the oldest daughter, who gave her life to Christ at a Teen Camp last year. This is the young lady the Oishis were able to witness to during their time here in Osaka. Her younger sister Tamaki also recently professed her faith. They have been attending a church in Kobe, and we continue to pray for their mother Kyoko and the three younger children. Both Tamaki and her younger brother Shoma attended a Teen Camp at the end of March, and it is evident that God is actively working in their lives.

An encouraging development in our community outreach occurred when my wife Karin was invited to learn Japanese cooking at the home of Mia, a mother from our youngest son Grayson’s kindergarten class. Mia, who is married to an American and speaks English, offered a warm introduction to aspects of Japanese cooking. During this gathering, Karin met another Christian mother from the area who has been praying for Mia’s salvation. This connection has led to a concerted prayer effort on our part as well, and we trust that the Lord will open doors for us to share Christ with Mia. My wife was able to meet her out walking one day and briefly explain the Gospel to her. Karin later hosted this same group of mothers at our home, and we are planning to invite their families over soon. Our children play regularly with theirs, providing a wonderful basis for building deeper relationships.

In addition to that, another family, originally from Azerbaijan and of a Muslim background, heard about our family and decided to attend our church just so they could meet us! The husband Emil has lived in Japan for over 16 years, and both he and his wife are fluent in Japanese and English. We invited them to our house for dinner, and just last week, they invited us over to their house as well. Between those times, I have been able to explain the Gospel clearly to Emil. He seems very interested in learning more but is not quite ready to make a decision. Please pray that God will allow me to continue building this relationship. We are already planning on getting coffee together soon.

In March, we participated in the annual Teen Camp held by Senri Newtown. Close to 150 people participated, and we had a blessed time of games, fellowship, and preaching. Many decisions were made, including one person trusting Christ as Saviour, as well as another surrendering to full-time Christian service.

The following Sunday was Easter, and my wife was able to invite Mizuho, a young Japanese lady with whom we have been able to meet a few times. Also, the father of the family from Ghana, whom we have been bringing to church for many months now, also came. He has been attending a Catholic church, and we are continuing to pray for his salvation as well. We have also been trying to reconnect with Krrish, whom we have asked prayer for in the past. He was intending to come for Easter but ended up missing his alarm and was not able to make it. However, he has emphatically stated he wants to keep coming and not to stop inviting him. As of yet, we have also not been able to reconnect with my wife’s cousin Ryo. He is very busy with work, and it is difficult for him to come. We are praying for an opportunity to go visit him.

As we reflect on these past months, our hearts overflow with gratitude for the ways you have enabled us to minister and share Christ with those around us. Your prayers and support are crucial to the impact we are making in Japan. As we move forward, we ask you to join us in prayer for the following:

• Continued growth in our language skills that we might communicate more effectively and connect deeply with the people we serve
• The spiritual growth and discipleship of Kurumi and Tamaki and for God’s work in the hearts of their family members
• Open hearts and divine opportunities to share the Gospel with Mia and her family and for the ongoing relationships with other local families, including the family from Azerbaijan
• Strength and wisdom for us as we adapt to and navigate the cultural nuances of living and ministering in Japan

Thank you once again for your faithful support and prayers. We are deeply encouraged by your partnership in the Gospel. May the Lord richly bless you as we continue to labor together for His kingdom.

In His service,

Brendan Morgan and Family