Keith Baker Prayer Letter:  Church Plant Continues to GrowWe had a great conclusion of our spring semester for our six college men, with classes during the last two months including the doctrine of man (anthropology), the doctrine of sin (hamartiology), and the doctrine of things to come (eschatology).

During our Easter break, as we normally do, we opened our church sanctuary for a one-week seminar to young adults in the area. The theme this spring was New Testament Survey. Our average attendance each day was over 150. Our ladies prepared two meals each day. We try to make it affordable to register for the classes, charging 20 Haitian dollars per person, which is equivalent to $1.65 in American currency.

As I write this prayer letter, we are finishing a 10-day trip to the States to attend Kevin’s Bible college graduation.
Our most recent church plant in Bostaj continues to progress. Two of our former students, Odisson Mesidor and Pierre Frito, are conducting services there, including the regular Sunday and Wednesday meetings and a Bible study on Friday evenings.

We have access to a school in St. Raphael to have a Bible Club each Saturday morning. Bruno, one of our college students, and I had attendances of 48, 82, and 89 for the first 3 meetings, with 2, 5, and 11 saved respectively.

Once again, I must include our appreciation for your faithful financial support and prayers.


Keith and Theresa