Keith and Theresa Baker Prayer Letter: Christmas BlessingsChristmastime went better than we had anticipated. All of the holiday functions surrounding our youth and adults came to pass. Everyone received at least one gift. Everyone received food. Very few, if any, of our people were familiar with Christmas church songs. Thankfully, they can now sing about our Saviour’s birth!

As the political picture in Haiti continues to be unsettling (3½ years have passed since the assassination of President Jovenel Moise), more Haitians are immigrating to the Bahamas, especially to our island, Great Abaco. This island has been in a reconstructive state since Hurricane Dorian in 2019. There is a lot of work to be found here, but some Haitians have not come in legally. Some are quite timid after we approach them, unaware that our motive is Gospel-centered. This is an observation to pass on to you to pray with us about as you ponder our ministry. It does put our personal evangelism in jeopardy. We are somewhat dazed, but we press on by the grace of God.

Our largest service of the week for attendance continues to be our Friday evening teen church. We were thrown a curve in recent weeks by an improper act with one or two of our youths (not sexual misconduct) that has become a major test with the passing of time. We are knocked down but not knocked out.

On a more positive note, we baptized three of our teens (Kemberly, Denesha, and Keyshara) at a nearby beach on New Year’s Eve.

We have had to deal with some sickness, but we are rebounding. Thank you for your prayers, interest, and investment.


Keith and Theresa