Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter: Rescuing Those Who Are Lost Without HopeThank you for your prayers and financial support! We thank the Lord for the work that has been done these last two months on the building and in the hearts of the people we are serving.

While out visiting, I had the privilege of leading a couple to the Lord who were glad to hear the truth of the Gospel. The couple was part of a Pentecostal church and said they did not understand how to be saved, yet they were excited to finally understand and put their trust in Jesus Christ alone to save them. They are interested in learning more about the Bible. Like so many Brazilians, this is the only church they know. When they come to ours, they are expecting to hear the same loud contemporary music, see the same show, and feel the same way. The problem is that they leave the same as they came in. We know that sound preaching and godly music are not what they are accustomed to, yet the ones who return to our church have said that they missed the presence of God and that they felt His presence in our church!

I thank the Lord that we can remain faithful to Him and His Word even though it may hurt the attendance. As we reach out and share the Gospel, God is changing hearts and lives. Please pray that we will see fruit from our hours of soul-winning efforts and hours in prayer. Please pray that as we work through the neighborhoods door by door, the Lord will convict people of their need of Him and their need to grow in Him through the local church.

A few weeks ago while in the States on their way to doctor’s appointments, Amy and Esther found some needed supplies for Brazil at a yard sale. While there, Amy encouraged Esther to help her pass out tracts and invite people to the church they were attending. As a result, a family came to church and signed their daughter up for Patch Club. The wife thanked us for inviting them and said she was so impressed that Esther came over to her and invited her, so she told her husband they had to come and visit. Keep passing out tracts!

As we pray for the victims of Harvey, the stories remind us of our ministry in Sao Paulo. We daily try to spread the message of hope and want to rescue those who are drowning in their sin or even in their religion. Some don’t want to grasp on; others reject salvation by grace. We are burdened with the need, and yet until we see them respond and rescued, we truly feel as if we cannot breathe. One news lady was calling for help for a man trapped in his semi-truck during the storm in Texas. Once he was safe, she said, “I can finally breathe now.” I don’t think we will ever feel we can breathe when we are surrounded by the masses needing to be rescued from their spiritual despair.

We covet your prayers for our family. While Chloe was recovering from four days in the hospital with pneumonia, strep, and mononucleosis, Caleb and Amy also came down with pneumonia. Esther has also had one cold virus after the other, along with a fever. The little ones seemed to have bounced back—thank the Lord! Dr. Siemer from our mission board has been so kind to personally assess the family’s health situation and advised Amy to see a specialist and have more tests to determine her weakened condition before returning. So along with the health issues, we now all have a serious case of heartsickness from missing one another so much!!

Please pray for our safety on the mission field. Please pray for furlough relief, as the Lord wills. May the Lord bless you.

In His service,

Juan and Amy Vallejo