Go Oishi Prayer Letter:  On the Seventh Meeting of Christmas . . .Praise the Lord! God has carried us through 2018! Although initially, it was a challenge to try to schedule meetings in December, the Lord gave us seven churches to present to over the holiday season! We are thrilled to share with you some of the highlights of these meetings.

Our December began with a meeting in Corona, California, where the congregation voted to partner with us the same evening we presented! From there, we flew into Michigan, where we spent the remainder of the year with my side of the family. My two good friends from my home church, Brett and Raymond, offered to drive us to all of our meetings during our stay! God is so good!

Adrian, Michigan, is where we began our lineup of meetings in Michigan. It was an honor to present our ministry to the very church that founded our mission board, FBMI. From there we presented in Caseville, Michigan, where I was able to reunite with some friends who worked as junior camp counselors with me during my teenage years. One of those friends is now pastoring a church! What a joy it is to see people I grew up with serving the Lord! Brett, one of our drivers, helped us schedule a meeting with a church in Warren, Michigan, where he used to work as staff. Right after that, my youth pastor was able to open the door for us to present our work in Auburn Hills, Michigan, at one of the friend churches of my home church! Praise the Lord! God still provides and opens doors for missionaries!

The weekend before Christmas was when my wife and I were scheduled to present at the Lakecrest Baptist Church of Waterford, Michigan, where I spent my first years as a Christian. This was a very special reunion with those who have invested in my life. We were also able to spend a few Wednesdays and Saturdays with them to go soul winning with them. During our time there, God allowed me to present the Gospel to Elizabeth and Omar, both of whom had never heard the Gospel presentation. My wife was able to witness to a lady named Ophelia. It is a sobering thought that so many souls living in the United States of America have never heard a clear Gospel presentation. We praise God that all three bowed their heads and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour!

Our meeting with my home church went well, as the main congregation and the Spanish congregation, as well as the Junior Church, all decided to support us on a monthly basis! We finished the year in Canada, where we were able to present our ministry in Richmond Hills, Ontario. There, another soul named Shane trusted Jesus as his Saviour while we were out soul winning! We are excited about presenting in London, Ontario, next week, as well as flying back to California to be a part of two meetings and two Missions Conferences!

You can now sign up for the 2020 Japan Olympic Outreach on the FBMI website! There is also an option to give towards this trip. We are trying to raise $15,000 for additional Gospel literature, Olympic accessibility, etc.

Since we started deputation in June, we have been able to present to 27 churches, partner financially with 13 of them, and bring our support percentage to 15%! These are all results of your investments—thank you for your faithful prayers and support. We cannot wait to see what God does in 2019!

Your friends and co-laborers to Japan,

Go and Danielle Oishi