Elias and Robyn Correa Prayer Letter: Getting Bibles Out to the WorldNoteworthy News

In April through June, we shipped over 10 million Scriptures in 12 languages to the following 12 nations: Mexico, Serbia, Philippines, Lebanon, Micronesia, India, Thailand, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, and 2 undisclosed (for security) nations. Please pray that the Word of God will set them free in the 18 countries where we have shipped over 12 million Scriptures so far in 2023. We are over halfway to our goal of 23 million Scriptures to 23 nations! Please continue to pray for shipments that are being held up in customs in Nigeria, Ecuador, and Pakistan. Also, please pray for our shipments and upcoming trips to Chile and Brazil.

Prayer Petitions

Please pray for the shipments still stuck in customs in Nigeria, Ecuador, and Pakistan. Also, please pray that the shipments on the way to Chile and Brazil will be delivered before our teams arrive (July 10 and August 1). We believe in the power of prayer and are thankful for your support.

Thanks again, and may the Lord bless you as you faithfully serve Him.

Correa Chronicles

We praise the Lord for another busy summer. As each year passes, we find that we are getting busier and busier. We recently were able to help our home church with a soul-winning outreach ministry at our county fair. Robyn provided lunch for the workers, as it was a very hot week. There were 144 people who had trusted Christ by the end of the week!

Praise the Lord! Our daughter recently graduated from college, and Robyn and I are busy preparing for her wedding this fall. Our other two children are doing well, and we are looking forward to all of us being together for the wedding. God is so good!

Chile and Brazil

There are six pallets of Spanish Scriptures arriving in Chile and a container of Portuguese Scriptures on the way to Brazil. Our Christ 4 Chile trip is July 10-18, and our Bibles 4 Brazil trip is the first week of August. Please pray for the shipments to arrive to distribute the Scriptures.

Mexico and the Caribbean

We have sent multiple shipments of Scriptures into Mexico and have upcoming shipments of Gospel tracts going to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Pray that the Word of God will set them free in North America!

Reaching America Too

Christ for Corpus Christi
November 13-20, 2023

Corpus Christi is a coastal city in Texas with a population of over 300,000. You will have the opportunity to hand out the Word of God, witness, and participate in a bilingual outreach with Bible Believer’s Baptist Church and their new Spanish Ministry. Join us in this worthy endeavor!

*Please note, lodging has been provided free of charge for the first 10 to sign up for the trip. Contact us for more information.

Elias & Robyn Correa