Dave Whitmore Prayer Letter:  A Different Kind of FurloughWhile prayerfully seeking to help our son Nathan, age 22, who is going through an extremely difficult time, God gave Dawn and I and our other children many opportunities to trust and obey Him! Please visit my David S. Whitmore page (htttps://www.facebook.com/david. whitmore.31) to see vídeos and pictures of these and other divine appointments!

Saturday, August 10, our daughter Karlene, who turned 18 on September 26, and I went soul winning in Summit, Illinois, where I was blessed to have captained Bus Route 127 (Division 8) during our days at Hyles-Anderson College. The next day, our family was back in Summit with Pastor John Hernandez and the New Hope Baptist Church, a supporting church. We were thrilled to speak with David Tilson, who used to ride our church bus to First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana, along with his wife Krista, and their two children before and after the service. The following Saturday, Nathan and I returned there to go soul winning with Hiram Ortega, one of the pastor’s loyal men. Even though it started raining while talking to Luz and her nephew Angel (age 14) in Spanish, Hiram carefully explained to Angel his need to accept Jesus as his personal Saviour.

August 25 was the 21st anniversary of Pastor Rob Hranicky and Bethel Baptist Church, another supporting church, in Sligo, Pennsylvania. The church was overflowing with people and thanksgiving to God for His many blessings! A month before their special day, our family had invited over 50 relatives in that region to join us for the celebration. Five from Erie County and one from Butler County came, and to our surprise, we were given a large-print King James Bible for having brought the most visitors. We gave it to my father’s first cousin, Sam Weckerly, age 75, who was unable to attend due to poor health but who had trusted Jesus the night before in his home in Parker. PRAY for him to grow in his newfound faith!

On Saturday, August 31, while waiting in one of many parking lots at our home church (FBC Hammond) for our son Timothy, a sophomore at HAC, to get Karlene and Zachary and take them to his bus route in Cicero, Illinois, the Holy Spirit directed our good friend, Bill Striegel, and his friend, Randy, to drive by our van as they were returning to Fort Wayne, Indiana, after recording a video of Dr. Tom Vogel giving the Gospel. Three times that day, Randy had mentioned that they needed to find someone to record the Gospel in the Portuguese language. Though I am not proficient in the language, I have desired to make a video to help more of the Brazilian people understand the urgency of accepting Jesus as their only hope of forgiveness of all their sins. Their pastor, Mike Tarr, graciously allowed us to present our work at Roanoke Baptist Church and record the videos the next Saturday and Sunday. PRAY with us that the videos will help many more people see their need of a Saviour and put their complete trust in Christ’s finished work on the Cross.

Monday afternoon, September 16, Nathan and I visited Ricardo (Ricky) Villalobos, who had recently returned to his home in Hammond, Indiana, after an 11-day stay in the hospital. Thirty-three years before, he and his wife Sandy and several small children rode Bus Route 123 (Division 8) when we worked with Bro. Rich Stults, who moved to Heaven in 2018, and others. Their two oldest children were our ring bearer and flower girl 27 years ago. Two days later, on Wednesday, September 18, both made a special effort to be in church with us. The next Saturday, Dawn, Nathan, and I spent about four hours talking with them, their children, and their grandchildren while eating homemade tostados and tacos. The next day, Ricky and Sandy were again in Sunday school and church. Late the following Tuesday evening, I became aware that Ricky needed to go to the hospital, but he refused to go until I encouraged him to go with me. Praise the LORD, he agreed to go, and as of this writing, October 7, he is still there. This past Saturday while at the hospital with him and his family, I was able to lead Jonathan, one of his grandsons, age 8, to Jesus. PRAY with us for all the entire Villalobos family to love and serve God!

Back in Taubaté, Sao Paulo, New Life Baptist Church celebrated their 4th anniversary on Saturday and Sunday, September 14-15. During the Sunday evening service, there were 173 present, which included several visitors that our people invited. Please continue praying for TEAM BRAZIL and our familiy as we return to Brazil on November 7. PRAY especially as we raise money to purchase property and build buildings that will allow us to better serve our church and our Jerusalem!

Dave + Dawn, Karlene, and Zachary