Dave and Mary Beth Solt Prayer Letter: Solt Team Increases!Trouble Brewing, But God Is Faithful

Interesting events are unfolding in the world. We have had to endure masks and social distancing for nearly two years. It seems like many in the USA have moved on concerning this pandemic—not so much over here. Now we understand that Ukraine has been attacked by Russia due to weak geopolitical leadership in America and around the world. Our hearts break for the people of Ukraine! Even with all that is going on in the world, our God remains faithful. Many are looking for answers that only the Lord and His Word can provide. Very soon—it seems very likely—we are going to hear the trumpet, and the Lord will take us up to Glory. Therefore, we are living in exciting days, and we need to stay busy in His service.

Last year, we had many come to the Lord. God gets the praise for the 122 who trusted Christ for Heaven. This year, so far, 14 have come to the Lord. God is so good! Also, I’m happy to report that many are returning to church services, and we are seeing a steady group of young adults attending. It is exciting to have different men call to let me know that they will be going soul winning with me on Saturday. Our church opens more fully on the 20th of March for the 110-year anniversary, during which we have baptisms planned. Stay tuned!

Ministry to India

Britain has a large population of Indians and Pakistanis. Because of this, we have been able to reach into these communities through the years. Recently, a young Indian couple, Ephraim and Sharon, began attending our church. They are excited and want to serve the Lord. Ephraim is now attending the Joshua Program online for Hyles-Anderson College. Over Christmas, they went to India to distribute over 3,000 care packages to children through donations from our church. Ten people came to the Lord while they were there! Now, with Ephraim interpreting, I am teaching a group of Christians in India a Bible study every week on Zoom! I never imagined that this could happen, but God can do more than we can think or imagine! Amen!

Solt Team Increases

Well, it was our first Christmas for just the two of us; and, of course, there was more COVID to hinder any extra fellowship over here. But God had some excitement on the way, as Daniel and Rachel were blessed to have Ruby Noelle join them just in time for Christmas! Thank you, Jesus, for Your mercy and help for her premature delivery. We appreciate all who sincerely joined us in prayer. We look forward to meeting her in April when we travel to Josh’s graduation from Hyles-Anderson College. Well done, Josh! Mary Beth and I will spend precious time with family and visit a few churches, and we get to hear Jeremy sing with his summer tour group, Grace and Truth, before they head to the Northeast. Thank you, Jesus, for Your love and care for our family!

I recently travelled to New Jersey for a Missions Conference with People’s Baptist Church. What wonderful folks they were to have me preach and report to on our ministry! As always, we are sincerely grateful to all of our faithful friends and family for the many years of investing in our family and the work here in England. God gets the glory!

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth
Daniel, Rachel, Joshua, & Jeremy

FBMI Missionary Dave Solt Prayer Letter Picture

Daniel and Rachel Solt with their new little one, Ruby Noelle, and her two proud uncles, Joshua and Jeremy